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How to fix a certain problem???
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Author:  darkman945 [ Mon Dec 29, 2014 7:03 pm ]
Post subject:  How to fix a certain problem???

RTE Aborted! (x_x)
Reading of a preset instance "Mutalist Soldier" of class AHuman failed in file Infested.rte/Actors/Index.ini, shortly before line #3

The last frame has been dumped to 'abortscreen.bmp'

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And here is the rte file...

File comment: Pls help
Infested.rte.rar [904.71 KiB]
Downloaded 106 times

Author:  Asklar [ Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How to fix a certain problem???

AddActor = AHuman
   CopyOf = Irregular Base

The object "Irregular Base" doesn't seem to be defined anywhere. If you did define it, it must be defined in a file that loads before the Infantry.ini file, or in the same file but before it's referenced by other things.


Yeah, I presume that the PresetName of the actor "Infested" should be "Irregular Base", changing that it worked.

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