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Python INI Parser Library
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Author:  OnGle [ Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:50 am ]
Post subject:  Python INI Parser Library

Hey all so I made a python library for parsing INI files!

NOTE: This is NOT a mod tool, it's a python library for people who can code in python and wish to incorporate it in projects.

For people not interested in the rest of my speel, you'll find the bitbucket project page here

Notes on using my code:
- give credit where credit's due and we'll be cool, feel free to fork and/or use in your own project

Notes on contributing:
- please write explicit as possible or comment code heavily to make it accessible to new programmers
- pull requests only, don't pm me code, email me code or anything like that

Other notes on the library:

So my whole plan with this is essentially to build a series of modding tools to remove the tediousness to creating a massive mod with notepad. By making it opensource I'm hoping I can get other people keen in contributing and/or creating your own modding tools. Cortex Command is a game with insane modding possibilities and by lowing the bar everyone get's a chance to contribute!!

- Python 2.7.x

Any questions, anything you did with it and wanna show me, etc. don't be scared to hit me up!! :grin:


Sorry the link was set to private, it's now public

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