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 What Type Of Tactics Do You Use? 
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Post Re: What Type Of Tactics Do You Use?
Sims_Doc wrote:

So does that mean your in-fact continuing to derail this subject? so naturally can you put your tactics up?


I get a shitload of modded bombs and wipe out half the map.


What? It's a valid tactic. :-P

Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:11 am
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Post Re: What Type Of Tactics Do You Use?
I prefer W.A.S Basc with assault riffle,shot gun,knife,and x2 gernades on a drop crate for assault.

For defending I use W.A.S Airassault, light,and heavy equipped with auto gun, sniper and heavy assault riffle

For the brain I sent a light with W.A.S ak54 and pistol to kill him

Sat Jun 14, 2014 3:11 am
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Post Re: What Type Of Tactics Do You Use?
When I played CC I developed a very anti-tactical style of play. I found that the game became not only too easy, but really stupid and un-fun if you abused how flawed the game is.

But to contribute, some of the best ways to game the game are rockets and positioning your guys so you can shoot out enemies' feet without them being able to really get a good of line of sight to you. Another good strategy is to make an upside down T shaped juncture with your brain on the left and some strong firepower on the right. Enemies will drop down facing towards your brain giving your unit(s) time to unload without retaliation. You can pretty much leave your computer and things will handle itself. One day I did this a bunch of times, using a dreadnought as the firepower. A couple of times the gibs piled up too high kinda screwing up the whole thing but on one run I got pretty lucky and the dreadnought slaughtered enemies for a few hours before the game crashed.

Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:03 am
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Post Re: What Type Of Tactics Do You Use?
Generally for defense, if we're talking skirmish defense, there will be a surface bunker with internal access to a tower or 2nd floor. If I plan on using AirSupport.rte, I will make the 2nd floor big enough to house a hangar and the AirSupport's rearm pad and have towers flanking that hangar so no enemies try to get in through the top. From ground level, there will be 2 corridors leading down - One to a simple L-junction which allows access for digging gold, and another into the main subterranean base. After a couple of zig-zagging corridors (With
defensive positions at each end) it will lead down into one of the rocket hangar modules, in which I'll place a small bunker in the top-right corner, one on the centre platform and place an actor underneath the left entrance. The right entrance will usually lead into a brain bunker or similarly set-up structure with a couple of doors here and there.
It works well because if the surface level is compromised I'm free to bomb the ♥♥♥♥ out of it, especially if airsupport is involved. Generally that doesn't happen though, I can't really go into finer detail without pictures but I've got quite a knack for setting static defenses. If it does though, what happens is a gauntlet that the enemies rarely punch through, then after, a very difficult position to defeat.
Depending on the faction(s) I'm up against, using the airsupport gunships typically means they kill the surface actors at a low rate, and with the miners mining, I can easily replace them through the hangar.

When it comes to attack, typically I'll bring as many light, mobile and cheap units as possible. They will be used to circumvent hard defensive positions with diggers & grenades, and once a foothold is secured inside a building I'll send in what heavy units I have and hand the diggers off to them. I'll typically use a couple units to defend that foothold as I use my other forces to attack. The better armed units stay in the back while the squishier, poorly equipped ones ones are at the front to absorb bullets and do what damage they can until I can leverage the heavier weapons. Generally leads to high casualty rates but it's a slow & steady way to do it, the main risk is using up too many troops.

Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:48 pm
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Post Re: What Type Of Tactics Do You Use?
For attacking: i send alot of clones with Coalition's assault rifles to clear the area, works as a meatshield mostly for heavy clone coming behind.
For defending: Alot of open areas and doors, after enemy enters base complex, i call a dropship and flank attackers.
So my tactic is that everyone is expendable, expect brain of course :D

Sun Jul 27, 2014 4:35 pm
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