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 DarkStorm Military Technologies - Updated 6/11/09 
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Post DarkStorm Military Technologies - Updated 6/11/09
Hello, and welcome to DarkStorm Military Technologies. Here we offer only the finest in subterfuge, light assault, and base defense technology. If you wish to infiltrate an enemy compound, spy on enemy forces, re-enforce your base, or simply round out your infantry, then we are certain to have something that you will find useful.

We hope you enjoy our products.
Download our ordering information here:

--D40 Kotei--
Since defending your command unit is important, this regenerating shell was developed. After its outer layers are destroyed, it can reconstruct them gradually over time by releasing nanomachines.

--D22 "Tengu" Infantry Clone--
This agile clone stands as our flagship product. Infused with specially designed nanomachines, this unit can not only move with speed and grace, but can also heal more quickly than your standard biological unit. On top of this, they are also more resistant to blunt forces. Each one comes standard with the D1 skin suit, as well as one of two types of body armor.

--D1 Skin Suit--
Found on all of our clones, this skin-tight suit provides protection against light rounds and projectiles. It is infused with nanomachines capable of breaking down any projectiles caught in it, and reparing damaged areas. But while this suit offers lasting protection, it is not effective at absorbing the impacts of high velocity projectiles, making the wearer vulnerable to some degree of bruising and blunt trauma even when a projectile is stopped. This suit is usually worn underneath one of our two types of combat armor.

--D2 "Shinobi" Active Camouflage Body Armor--
Our all-around choice for body armor. The D2 body armor is lightweight, non-restrictive, and provides full body protection. Furthermore, its "active camo" nanomachines, when active, can work in unison to displace all electromagnetic radiation in order to render it insivisble to most detection systems, a feature which is equally useful for both direct confrontations and covert operations. Finally, concealed within the wrists and ankles of the armor are retractable D94 combat knives. Not only do they give a Shinobi-equipped Tengu the option for paralyzing melee attacks while holding any weapon, they also can be used to cling to walls and ceilings.

--D3 Jump Jets--
A compact back-mounted flight system which features retractable "wings." Though it isn't any more powerful than your typical jet pack models, it does utilize energy in a much more efficient manner, allowing greatly extended flight.

--D4 "Shogun" Power Exoskeleton--
Though the D22 Tengu was originally designed to be a lightweight unit, this mechanical combat armor was deveolped in order that it may be equipped as a heavy infantry unit. Its motorized joints allow a clone to manage heavy equipment and resist large forces, while its thick armored plating can resist numerous hits before being rendered ineffective. Of course, all of the extra output force necessary for utilizing heavy equipment can also be used for executing devastating punches, which are always available regardless of the current load out.

--D5 Jump Jets--
A powerful flight system designed for use with the Shogun armor. Though its output is much higher than your standard jetpack, it can only maintain its output for a relatively short period of time.

--D26 "Kitsune" Support Android (STILL IN DEVELOPMENT)--
A lightweight android, with both humanoid and canine attributes. Not intended for direct combat, this robot was designed for maximum mobility, able to run swiftly and climb walls and ceilings. It is also equipped with various defensive countermeasure devices, such as a chaff sprayer, an EMP emitter, and active camo. The Kitsune's range of abilities make it ideal for a variety of purposes, such as reconnaissance, subterfuge, defending allies, and generally sowing chaos in the battlefield.

--D43 "Yosei" Scout Drone--
This flying automation combines a camera and a D35 Carbine in a manner similar to the Akateko. It is kept aloft by a single rotor, which is capable of running almost indefinitely. It also has the same active camo feature as the Shinobi armor. This unit is ideal for reconnaissance and early detection, but is not built for heavy combat.

--D41 "Akateko" Security Drone--
A small ceiling-mounted turret that simply combines an automated security camera with a modified D35 Carbine. Though perhaps not very powerful, it serves as an affordable and reliable last line of defense against intruders.

--D45 "Shishi" Heavy Turret--
A heavily armored and re-enforced automated turret, which may be armed with a variety of heavy weapons unsuited for infantry. It may be equipped with up to two weapons in any combination, allowing for a variety of different defenses. The turret is intended for outer base defense, though its size is just small enough to be placed indoors.

--D9 Point Defense System--
This device is capable of applying a counter-force to any projectile within range that is threatening a friendly unit. It can be mounted on Shogun armor or a Shishi turret. In either case, it disallows the usage of heavy weaponry.
DEVELOPER'S NOTE: This thing is laggy and buggy, and there's not a whole lot I can do about it right now. Use it at your own risk.

Unless indicated otherwise, our weapons utilize caseless cartridges. Furthermore, instead of the conventional firing-pin-and-primer combination, a strong electrical discharge is used to ignite the gunpowder. This serves to greatly reduce the number of working parts within our weapons, which results in a variety of advantages over conventional firearms, not the least of which are higher firing rates and lower chances of jamming or malfunction. The lack of ejected casings also allows our weapons to be ambidextrous, even in their bullpup configurations. Our weapons are perfect for those who wish to conserve space, and leave no trace.

---Regular Infantry Weapons---
--D94 Combat Knife--
Ammo: Electrical discharge

A combat knife that deals damage not only by cutting, but also through a powerful electrical discharge. This discharge is powered by a battery at its base, similar to the ones found in the grips of most of our firearms. Be aware that the discharge will only affect grounded targets. The knife can also be used as a climbing tool, allowing one to cling to most surfaces in order to lie in wait for targets.

--D17 Pistol--
Ammo: 6.8x21mm caseless cartridge (4g bullet)
Capacity: 16 round box magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 700 m/s

This weapon is our most standard sidearm. Its specially designed 6.8x21mm rifle cartridges are effective against some of the more typical types of body armor currently available, and also allow a compact design and high magazine capacity. A useful sidearm in general, though it is rendered ineffective against higher grade body armor.

--D97 Stun Gun--
Ammo: Scramble Device
Capacity: 8 round box magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 700 m/s

This compact sidearm fires small devices that, when they latch onto a target, stop a target's functions for five seconds by interfering with its signal processing. Purely a support weapon, since it does no actual damage to targets.

--D10 Revolver--
Ammo: 7.62x33mm caseless cartridge (9.5g bullet)
Capacity: 7 round revolving chamber
Muzzle Velocity: 700 m/s

Loaded with our own 7.62x33mm "handgun-sized" rifle cartridges, this weapon is more than capable of punching through the higher grades of armor that are sometimes encountered. The raw power of this weapon not only adds to its armor piercing ability, but also causes it to be fairly accurate at moderate ranges.

--D35 Carbine--
Ammo: 6.8x43mm caseless cartridge (4g bullet)
Capacity: 40 round box magazine
Rate of fire: 1000 rounds/min full auto
Muzzle Velocity: 1090 m/s

This compact assault rifle is our lightest automatic weapon. Though the 6.8x43mm rifle cartridge doesn't pack quite the punch of its larger counterparts due to less mass and propellant, its small size allows for a large magazine capacity and a high rate of fire.

--D37 Squad Automatic Weapon--
Ammo: 6.8x43mm caseless cartridge (4g bullet)
Capacity: 70 round box magazine
Rate of fire: 800 rounds/min full auto
Muzzle Velocity: 1090 m/s

A high-capacity light machine gun, dedicated to providing a moderate amount of suppressive fire. Though typically relegated to a supportive role, some have treated it as a replacement for the D35, due to its accuracy and ease of use.

--D16 Shotgun--
Ammo: 12-gauge caseless shell (3.49g shot)
Capacity: Dual 6 round tube magazines
Rate of fire: 250 rounds/min full auto
Muzzle Velocity: 590 m/s
Effective Range: 100 m

This versatile combat shotgun has two parallel tube magazines. The loading mechanism can be set to fire from one or the other, or alternate between the two. This gives one the option of loading two different types of ammo and quickly switching between the two. The only drawback is that reloading two separate magazines can be difficult and time consuming.

--D31 Battle Rifle--
Ammo: 7.62x51mm caseless cartridge (9.5g bullet)
Capacity: 30 round box magazine
Rate of Fire: 2000 rounds/min 3-round burst, 600 rounds/min full-auto
Muzzle Velocity: 920 m/s
Effective Range: ~1200 m

Utilizing the 7.62x51mm full-power rifle rounds of old, this modern battle rifle delivers where assault rifles are lacking. The 7.62mm round is both powerful and accurate at long ranges. The full-auto version is only recommended for Shogun-equipped units, but the scoped version features a three-round burst mode that makes it manageable for all units, and also makes it useful as a designated marksman's weapon.

--D7 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle--
Ammo: 12.7x99mm caseless HEIAP cartridge (45g bullet)
Capacity: 5 round box magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 1392 m/s
Effective Range: ~3000 m

The famous "Lucky Seven" lives on. Its high explosive incendiary armor piercing (HEIAP) rounds are designed to impart massive damage upon thick and armored targets by way of a small, directed explsion, followed by a tungsten penetrator. Previous imperfections in the round have recently been developed out, making it effective against all targets, and allowing it to pass through foliage and light debris without being triggered prematurely.

--D55 Grenade Launcher--
Ammo: 40mm HE air-burst grenade
Capacity: 6 round drum magazine
Effective Range: ~800 m

This grenade launcher is capable of consecutively launching up to six standard 40mm high-explosive grenades. The low velocity of the grenades allows one to fire them in an arc, making the weapon useful for striking targets behind cover.

--D50 Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher--
Ammo: 40mm rocket-propelled HEAT grenade
Capacity: 4 round drum magazine or 8 round back-mounted feed mechanism
Effective Range: ~1500 m

This weapon was developed to be a light, cheap, and effective long-range weapon against armored targets. Four rockets may be loaded at once by way of a drum magazine, to be fired consecutively at distance targets with the aid of a mounted scope. Its shoulder-mounted design makes it easy to use while prone.

--D100 Shock Mortar--
Ammo: 100mm electric mortar
Capacity: 1 round chamber
Effective Range: ~800 m

This slow-firing mortar launcher fires an electrically charged slug which releases a powerful electrical discharge. This discharges immediately travels towards the ground, inflicting any targets caught in its path with severe burns and electric shock. The mortar come equipped with a scanner that keeps it from discharging until traveling a short distance past the first hostile unit detected. If no hostiles are detected, the slug mortar doesn't release its charge.

---Heavy Infantry Weapons---
--D121 Coil Gun--
Ammo: 11mm slug (20g bullet)
Capacity: 35 box magazine
Rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity: 1300 m/s

An advanced infantry main armament, which utilizes a series of magnetic coils to accelerate a projectile, rather than traditional gunpower. The mass and velocity of the projectile combine to result in both high accuracy and devastating terminal ballistics. Unfortunately, it also results in powerful recoil, relagating this weapon to be used only by units strong enough to handle it.

--D33 Minigun--
Ammo: 7.62x51mm caseless cartridge (9.5g bullet)
Capacity: 300 round back pack belt
Rate of Fire: 2000 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity: 1030 m/s

A versatile machine gun that features a rotating, six-chambered cylinder. Though the weapon only has one barrel, the rotating chambers causes it to function in a manner similar to that of a Gatling gun. Since much less mass must be moved in order to rotate the chambers than compared to a Gatling gun of equal caliber (which must also spin the barrels), the minigun can be spun up much more quickly than most Gatling guns.

--D52 Grenade Machine Gun (GMG)--
Ammo: 20mm caseless HE cartridge
Capacity: 30 round back pack belt
Rate of Fire: 350 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity: 230 m/s
Effective Range: ~1500 m

A versatile autocannon, designed to rapidly fire 20mm HE grenades. Due to its low muzzle velocity, it can be fired directly at targets at moderat ranges, or in an arc in order to bombard a small area. This allows this weapon to be used for a variety of strategies, though it tends to be rather cumbersome indoors.

--D72 Flamethrower--
Ammo: Jet Fuel
Capacity: 500 liter cylinder
Rate of Fire: 4000 liters/min
Effective Range: ~200 m

This devastating weapon fires a stream of ignited jet fuel, which burns in excess of 250 degrees celsius. Such temperatures can quickly ignite and incinerate organic matter and melt light metal and circuitry. Unfortunately, because the fuel burns so hot, it also burns rather quickly. This limits this weapon to only being effective at moderate ranges. It is typically best used within enclosed spaces. If a Shogun-equipped Tengu is outfitted with this weapon, the Shogun armor is treated to be resistant to heat and fire.

--D74 Cryo Gun--
Ammo: Sub-zero chemical compound
Capacity: 500 liter cylinder
Rate of Fire: 4000 liters/min
Effective Range: ~400 m

An an unusual weapon which requires clever application, this chemical sprayer utilizes an experimental chemical compound. When catalyzed by electricity, the compound becomes volatile, and will instantly form a chunk of ice against any surface it comes in contact with. The extreme temperatures it creates around the area of impact can cause intense frostbite, and the masses of ice generated by the compound can not only hamper and immobilize targets, but also may be used to quickly create walls and bridges. Indeed, this piece of equipment is as much of a tool as it is a weapon. If a Shogun-equipped Tengu is outfitted with this weapon, the Shogun armor is treated to keep the chemical from freezing onto it.

--D103 Electrolaser Gun--
Ammo: Electrical Discharge
Effective Range: ~4000 m

A powerful weapon that ionozes a path through the air using a fairly low-powered laser, and then sends an extremely high-voltage electrical discharge down the path to neutralize anything struck by the laser. Against grounded targets, the effects of this weapon are devastating, though any non-grounded targets will remain unaffected. The weapon recharges itself between shots by pulling electrons straight from the atmosphere, so there is no need for a removable battery.

---Mounted Weapons---
--D13 Machine Gun--
Ammo: 12.7x99mm caseless cartridge (45g bullet)
Capacity: 200 round boxed belt or 200 round back pack belt
Rate of Fire: 800 rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity: 1030 m/s

This powerful weapon is only found mounted on the turrets and vehicles that we offer. It fires caseless 12.7x99mm rifle rounds, which, despite being a more massive round, can be cycled rather quickly.

--D58 Missile Launcher--
Ammo: 60mm HEAT tracer missile
Capacity: 10 round multi-tube chamber
Effective Range: ~1000 m

A vehicle- and turret-mounted, high-capacity anit-armor missile launcher. The missiles lock on to targets that are either airborne or particularly tall, and strike them with precision.

--D107 Railgun--
Ammo: 60mm slug
Muzzle Velocity: >1500 m/s
Effective Range: >6000 m

A powerful direct-fire artillery piece. By sending a powerful electric current through two parallel rails, a metal slug placed between them may be accelerated to velocities exceeding Mach 5. The raw kinetic energy of such a projectile is enough to turn the atmosphere to plasma by its mere passing. With such incredible power, it's not hard to imagine that anything impacted by a slug will be severly damaged, if not destroyed. As such, it is best used against large and heavily armored targets. Its long recharge time makes it quite vulnerable between shots, though.

--D61 Chaff Grenade--
A hand grenade which releases a cloud of reflective particles. Though nothing more than fireworks to the sentient eye, this cloud is a bewildering cluster of hostile signals to any automoton or sensor array. Affected units will fire wildly into the cloud, often ignoring actual enemies. Beware, as this cloud can affect your un-controlled units just as adversely as the enemy's. The effects only last until the cloud dissipates, though.

--D64 Cluster Mine--
A grenade which contains a cluster of small explosives. Once released, they settle across a small area. Once settled, they do not detonate until a unit is detected above them, at which time they individually discharge directly upwards, damaging whatever moves over them. This is often best used in confined spaces and corridors, especially in order to hamper enemy pursuit.

--D93 EMP Grenade--
This device, once active, saturates a moderately sized area with electromagnetic pulses for fifteen seconds. Any unit caught within the EMP field will be cut off from all remote signals, effectively rendering them inoperable until the effects dissipate.

--D90 Nano Key--
A versatile device, capable of overriding the control system of any door by way of nanomachines. Any "infected" door will act as if it belongs to its opposing force. After infection, the nanomachines can be toggled on and off with this device.

--D95 Micro Camera--
While outer areas can be constantly surveyed through various means, this camera allows one to keep surveillance on deeper subterranean areas. It can be placed on any surface, where it will then burrow into the surface about three inches. From then on, it can be utilized to survey the area until it is discovered and destroyed.

--D113 Force Digger--
High output diggers are typically the only option when terrain must be dug through quickly, but they are also often quite expensive. The force digger was developed as a cheap alternative, allowing one to dig through terrain just as quickly, but at the cost of not being able to dig through stronger materials, such as solid rock, concrete, or metal.

--D80 "Yatagarasu" Drop Ship (RECALLED FOR RE-DEVELOPMENT)--
While most drop ships utilize rocket thrusters for flight, we developed a drop ship equipped with three powerful rotors for in-atmosphere flight. This design greatly reduces the collateral damage that can often be inflicted by typical rocket thrusters. Furthermore, the design allows for side doors similar to a conventional helicopter, allowing the drop ship to land, load, and unload as simply as possible.

--D82 "Raiju" Drop Pod--
Back by popular demand! A convenient delivery system, which consists entirely of a small re-enforced pod. The pod is simply dropped into the atmosphere, where it then plummets to the surface. Cargo is kept safe from the impact by built-in shock absorbers, and is released after impact when the pod simply disintegrates. The only drawbacks of this system are its low capacity and the impossibility of refunds, though the latter issue is offset by its considerably low price.

--D87 "Higo" Nano Constructor Delivery Craft--
For quite some time now, our engineers have been trying to devise a method by which new Shishi turrets may be deployed in the thick of battle with minimal effort. While the necessary nano constructors could theoretically be delivered by way of a drop ship, this approach was avoided due to the inherent difficulties of maneuvering most drop ships into a desirable position for constructor deployment. Instead, the Higo was designed. Taking a queue from the Yatagarasu, a small rotor-based flight system was placed around a nano constructor. The Higo's small size and ease of maneuvering allows it to drop the nano constructor almost anywhere one may desire, though tighter corridors can be a problem.

--D89 "Kimon" Mobile Worm Hole--
While drop ships are the most common choice for bulk deliveries, we felt that such an archaic means of transportation presented too many inherent risks, when perfectly applicable wormhole technology can be developed in its stead. Unlike most drop ships, the Kimon doesn't actually carry its cargo on board. Instead, it is equipped with a worm hole array, which provides a direct link to one of our delivery facilities. Anything passing through the worm hole will find itself in immediate safety for refunds, even should the ship be destroyed. Unfortunately, the technology utilized in this design carries a hefty price tag, so it is still prudent to keep it out of harm's way.
DEVELOPER'S NOTE: The "wormhole" feature doesn't actually work right now, thanks to the currently finicky nature of Lua. It will very likely be possible in future builds, though. Until then, it just holds and delivers stuff like any other drop ship.

-Almost all actors regain health gradually
-Gold costs generally greatly increased
-Bullets now impart considerably more force upon targets
-Heavy bullets now penetrate terrain much less
-New active camo feature now standard on all Shinobi. Just double-tap the down/crouch button to toggle it on and off
-Fixed bug where effects get teleported on top of Shoguns... I think
-More Shogun voices
-Battle rifle now just a sniper/marksman weapon again. Still called "battle rifle" though
-Full-auto battle rifle replaced by the coil gun
-Kotei, a brain, has been added
-Yosei has active camo just like the Shinobi
-Grenade launcher grenades explode a bit more closely
-Cluster mine added
-Nano key added
-Micro camera added
-Stun gun added
-Force digger added

-Higo returning bug fixed
-Bug involving interaction between key configuration and turret targeting fixed
-Bug causing crash upon Point Defense Shogun death fixed... I think
-Shoguns now have voice effects. Minigun and Pyro Shoguns in particular
-Pyro Shogun now completely immune to its fire

-Melee attacks for both Shinobi and Shogun, complete with separate Melee button. Check the new Settings folder in DarkStorm.rte for configuration instructions. Generally, weapons cannot be fired and units cannot walk while attacking with melee. Jet packs work though.
-Shinobi melee attack can be used to cling to walls and ceilings. Strike a surface to cling, press melee button again or set off jet pack to release
-Shogun melee attack can be charged for more forceful punches.
-Active camo shinobi set to non-buyable, since it doesn't really work the way I want it to. You can make it buyable if you like, though
-Fixed problems with Shishis not fully dying from loss of health
-Flamethrowers don't set doors on fire
-Pyro Shoguns now much more resistant to fire. Still, be careful
-Re-colored shoguns now also have re-colored gibs
-Cryo Gun ice crystals now more random
-All bullet-firing weapons have slightly reduced velocity
-Electrolaser shock target issue fixed
-Higo nano constructor boxes and gun cases have rougher textures
-Akateko firing arc fixed
-Grenade Machine Gun rounds now explode in proximity, as intended
-New Yatagarasu renamed "Kimon." Old Yatagarasu put on backburner until further notice

-Ye olde Raiju is back. Rejoice
-Higo added. Fly turrets in wherever!
-Yatagarasu now looks like a flying saucer. Actually, it IS a flying saucer
-Flamethrower sets people on fire and deals direct health damage
-Cryo gun freezes people and creates terrain formations much more reliably
-RPG and Missile launchers fire anti-tank rounds now. This means they're only good for direct fire, but they don't just bounce off of things anymore
-Electrolaser and combat Knife stun victims now (assuming they don't just die)
-Lucky Seven is more effective. Overall, its better than the RPG Launcher (this is reflected in prices)
-Shogun-only weapons now come in cute gun cases, so they can be purchased on the fly if necessary. Just throw one like a grenade to open it
-Yosei looks better
-Mounted carbine for Yosei and Akateko looks better
-Pyro and Cryo shoguns resist the effects of their own weapons. Their armor is recolored to reflect this
-Point defense system is stronger on both Shoguns and turrets... though it could probably still use some work. Waiting for vanilla content rebalancing...
-Point defense system and active camo maybe less laggy? I honestly don't know what else to do about it

-Anti-material rifle much more reliable
-Active Camo Shinobi added (WIP, should be better once I get full attachable control in Lua)
-Point Defense Shogun added
-Shogun punch now imparts raw force, instead of inflicting wounds
-Only the proper Shogun can pick up Shogun heavy weapons, including the full-auto Battle Rifle. Buy them with Shoguns, or separately
-Designated Marksman Rifle is now scoped Battle Rifle. Full-auto Battle Rifle now available for Shoguns
-Yosei scout drone added
-Shishis, Yoseis, and Akatekos now have greatly enhanced targeting. They react instantly to targets within range
-RPG Shishi changed to Missile Shishi. Now specifically targets airborn enemies. Missiles only explode if within proximity of target, to reduce collateral damage
-RPG Launcher RPGs only explode if in proximity of an enemy, to reduce collateral damage
-Grenade Launcher and Grenade Machine Gun rounds will explode if in proximity of an enemy
-Chaff Grenade is much more reliable
-Raiju "drop pod" replaced with Raiju "wormhole generator." Can be used to "build" new Shishis anywhere you can drop them
-EMP Grenade added
-Combat Knife and Electrolaser cause direct damage to health based off of the target's mass. This effect does not work if the target is not grounded. The Combat Knife still causes minor wounds, but the Electrolaser causes none
-Shock Mortar does not trigger until a short distance past the first enemy it passes over, for more effective crowd control. No enemies means no trigger
-Railgun much more reliable

DarkStorm Military Technologies by Jonathan "Darlos9D" Royal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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Mon May 26, 2008 8:15 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
Dl'ed Again!

Mon May 26, 2008 8:17 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
Well, here we are guys. The beginning of a new generation of DarKlones.

You may notice that the weapon descriptions far exceed the weapons currently available. While I plan to make a few more of them, I'm probably going to hold off until B21 is released, so I can go all Lua on this and make the more complex weapons work exactly the way I want them to. Until then, I'll probably make the flamethrower, incendiary shotgun, and shock cannon. If I have time, I'll also re-do the drop pod, and maybe even work on a ::gasp:: drop ship.

But as for now, I need a damn break. I've been killing myself for the past week trying to get this done.

Mon May 26, 2008 8:23 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
The new generation looks pretty sweet.

Mon May 26, 2008 8:31 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
Yeah, about the weapon sprites.
You don't plan on respriting any other weapons, do you?

Mon May 26, 2008 8:34 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
LOVE the new generation, is there going to be a story element for the updated clones, or will you treat it like the old darklones never existed? Also, thank you for bringing back ceiling turrets :grin: !

Mon May 26, 2008 8:39 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
Roy-G-Biv wrote:
Yeah, about the weapon sprites.
You don't plan on respriting any other weapons, do you?

I plan on re-spriting all of them. What, you don't like them?

10050 wrote:
LOVE the new generation, is there going to be a story element for the updated clones, or will you treat it like the old darklones never existed?

Actually, I'm gonna pull a Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz and act like the DarKlones were always like this.

Also, I changed the .rte in the old thread to DarKloneTechOld.rte so it can be used with this one, if you want.

Mon May 26, 2008 8:51 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
Wow... these new sprites are ♥♥♥♥ godly....

The old sprites just looked flat and dull, but this new style you have is perfect. I liked the position of the magazine on the old battle rifle better though.

Also, if i read correctly and you have added attachments finally to the clone... i love you.

Mon May 26, 2008 9:17 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
The spikes on the helmet looks like a hat.

Mon May 26, 2008 9:30 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08

Definatly getting this again!!!

Mon May 26, 2008 9:38 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
Omg, for a sec I thought you must've kidnapped prom in order to make sprites that godly!

Mon May 26, 2008 9:45 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
Sixteen wrote:
The spikes on the helmet looks like a hat.

Eh, thats cuz the spikes move around a bit because they're attachments, and not actually part of the helmet sprite. CC doesn't keep attachments always dead-on.

NeoSeeker wrote:
I liked the position of the magazine on the old battle rifle better though.

I'm a bit mixed about this. The old design used a bullpop(pup?) configuration, where the magazine and chamber block is behind the grip. Apparently this has the advantage of making weapons more compact without reducing barrel length. It also moves a lot of the weight, which may or may not help or hinder controlling the kick of the gun. I don't know, as I get mixed reports from reading about it online. Also, it might be kinda akward to reload at times, such as when prone. I'm not sure what kind of setup is superior, or which one a special ops force that sometimes does covert stuff might prefer. At least since this gun uses caseless ammo, ejected casings coming out in the user's face wouldn't be an issue.

I kinda like the current design of the battle rifle myself. I might try changing it to a bullpop design later to see how it looks, but I may or may not actually switch to it.

Mon May 26, 2008 9:48 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
actually the most effective way is like a P90 where it is a horizontal strip, but that makes for much longer reload times.

EDIT: OOOH I know what you're missing, a brain!

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Mon May 26, 2008 9:51 pm
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Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
I like the new sprites.
It just worried me because you kept some of the old sprites.

Mon May 26, 2008 9:52 pm
Post Re: DarKlone Technologies NEW - Updated 5/26/08
It's beautiful, beautiful!!
But... Moar!
(Heavy and sum custom craft for use in activities.)

EDIT: Tried it, I like the jetpack blast, and turrets are nice, I like how the large one can spew devastating bullets and still take a beating.

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Mon May 26, 2008 10:12 pm
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