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=Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product
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Author:  numgun [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:03 am ]
Post subject:  =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product


-Alteisen Arsenal Labs-
Faction for Cortex Command

AAL is a large corporation with its own massive military
force and colonies through out the space. The corporation
is owned my humans that had escaped the horrors of
the "Eradication wars" back in their solar system where
most of the human race was destroyed out in a war between
2 human factions.

The people that fled established new colonies in space,
unpopulated planets and asteroids. And soon they had
created a whole new empire of man.

AAL specializes in weapons, craft and military vehicles,
equipment and experimental testing. AAL also uses a
newly discovered "thermal particle" that is used widely
within its units, weapons, structures and craft to take
their respective defencive and offencive capabilities to
a whole new level. All products manufactured by AAL
are the highest quality and very efficient in the field.

1. Units
2. Craft
3. Base
4. Other

1. Units

Pilots are the light and sneaky soldiers of AAL that
control most of the vehicles in the AAL arsenal.
This means if a major AAL vehicle is destroyed,
a pilot capsule will be ejected and the pilot inside
will turn rogue and attack anyone
he will stumble upon.

There are 2 different pilots:

Fighter Pilot

-Comes with a jump-booster instead of a jetpack,
it allows you to dash and jump around quickly.
-Has a helmet to protect his head.

-TIR, Thermal Impulse Rifle. A deadly semi-automatic presicion rifle.
-TES, Thermal Energy Sword. A velocity affected melee
weapon. The faster you move, the sharper the sword becomes.
-TEG, Thermal Energy Grenade. A throwable kinetic
force grenade. "If it wont kill it, it'll make it fly atleast."

Infiltrator Pilot

-A light jetpack is strapped to his back which
allows him to reach high places.
-His dark outfit is perfect for infiltration and stealth.
-Has a helmet to protect his head.

-TER, Thermal Energy Rifle. Fires powerful
beams that can damage multiple targets without losing speed.
-TES, Thermal Energy Sword. A velocity affected melee
weapon. The faster you move, the sharper the sword becomes.
-TEC, Thermal Energy Charge. Plantable explosive
charge that detonates after a 5 second delay.
Works great as an airmine too.

Runners are the scouts of AAL. They dont offer much
resistance, but they are extremely quick.
The one with the flag is called a "Command Relay Runner".
He's a mobile commanding unit that you can use
as your "brain".

Image Image

-Runs very fast and has a good jetpack which can get him anywhere.
-Regenerates lost hit points over time.
-Is equipped with a small weapon to defend itself.

The tough armored guys of AAL. These units are suited
in strong power-armor suits that are very resistant to
kinetic and sharp attacks. They come in 4 varieties
with each having their own role. Their weapons are set
to selfdestruct if they are dropped so the enemies
would not be able to loot them. They are ment for
outdoor combat so please try not to squeeze them in
your tight bunker corridors.

Gunner Marine
-Slug Rifle, Large and loud machine gun with explosive slugs.
-Cutter Saw, Giant chainsaw.
-NeoColt, Sidearm .50 cal pistol.
-Blast Shield, Full body shield, can be used with the NeoColt.

Bomber Marine
-Slug Cannon, Big artillery cannon that fires arcing explosive slugs with a delayed fuse.
-Split Laucher, Launches a large missile that splits into smaller missiles that split into even more smaller missile. Superior antiair gun.
-NeoColt, Sidearm .50 cal pistol.
-MegaBomb, Throwable super explosive. The name speaks for itself.

Laser Marine
-Laser Destroyer, Fires a slowly moving laser orb that rips apart anything unfortunate that got too close.
-Laser Cannon, Chargable shoulder mounted gun that fires a powerful piercing laser beam at 100.
-Laser Bolter, Bouncy bolts of laser that will bounce off into a random direction once they hit something. Use this gun if youre feeling lucky.

Sniper Marine
-Slug Sniper, Deadly gun. One shot, one kill. Comes with a laser dot emitter that confuses enemies if directed at them.
-Dualwield NeoColts, Activate badass mode.

Special operation unit. A Slayer is a biomechanical unit
with state-of-art weapons and an advanced
regeneration system. Very mobile and dangerous.

-STR, Slayer Thermal Rifle. Comes dualwielded by default, this weapon is powerful automatic assault machinegun.
-STB, Slayer Thermal Blade. A very deadly close range weapon.
-STD, Slayer Destroyer Cannon. -Classified-

Multi Purpose Armored Mecha. Large bipedal vehicle armored from top to bottom and armed to the teeth with extremely powerful weapons. Comes in 2 flavors:

M.P.A.M. Energy
-GA-03 BeamRifle, Fires a continuous beam that can quickly deal very serious damage.
-GA-04 Energy Blade, Very dangerous melee weapon.
-GA-05 RailCannon, Large energy cannon. Fires a rail of energy that contains massive force.

M.P.A.M. Ballistic
-GA-01 MachineGun, Comes dualwielded by default, these large machine guns pack some serious power.
-GA-02 Shotgun, Dual action shotgun. Pierce, then pummel!
-GA-06 V.H.S.C., Gigantic sniper bazooka. Dont fire it point blank.

Last but not least, the AAL Linear Tank. Its a hovering armored vehicle with a powerful cannon and a semi-regeneration system. Very resistant to kinetic impacts.

2. Craft

=AAL Crash=
This small rocket is ideal for small deliveries
and ramming into enemy craft. It explodes harmlessly
so the cargo wont be damaged by the explosion atleast.

=AAL Cargo Rocket=
Lots of stuff to deliver or needing something
bigger to ram stuff at? This is your best bet.
It regenerates lost hit points over time and explodes
violently if destroyed.

=AAL Freighter=
The best craft when it comes to swift
transportation on the field or quick pickups to space.
Its very vulnurable to fire so try to keep it from
getting damaged badly.

=AAL Materializer=
Need to get something on the field quickly and
unharmed? The materializer will do it no matter what
size or quantity it is.

=AAL Reaper=
A Space fighter. It has twin linked thermal
cannons on the front that deal heavy damage to crafts
and ground units alike. Its equipped with a cargo
launcher that allows it to launch bombs or other
objects from the back of the ship.
Some may find it tricky to pilot.

=AAL Harvester=
This flying digging machine is the most advanced
remote controlled resource gathering machine!
Using its careful digging mechanism, its capable of
collecting gold with 99.9% efficiency unlike a normal
miner with a digger. Can be used as a flying remote
controlled bomb too!

SUPERWEAPON. Tactical Thermal Rocket is a carrier for the destructive Tactical Thermal Bomb. Once detached from the rocket, the bomb will start its countdown and the enemy has 30 seconds to disarm it by shooting it until epic destruction will commence. Use wisely.

=AAL TIC Delivery=
SUPERWEAPON. Thermal Impulse Cannon is a special issue AAL Pilot weapon when more firepower is needed. You must order it seperately and get a pilot or any other soldier to equip it.

3. Base

=AAL Bunker Modules=
Use these modules to build your very own AAL base!
You can either make a detailed bunker using the edge
modules or simply make a quick bunker using the blocks
on the first row.

=AAL Blast Doors=
Large doors to keep those pesky invaders
outside. Very durable and can take quite a beating
before being completely destroyed!

=AAL Gold Reserves=
Buy and store these blocks of pure gold in
your base and mine them using a digger when you need
some money incase of emergency.

Thermal Space Digger is the top mining and
zero-gravity maneuvering tool for your troops!

Thermal Grid System is a defencive bunker
system used to flush out any invaders that get inside
the base with massive laser firepower. When you want
to place one or more of these in your base, plan
carefully ahead and remember to place absorber blocks
to stop the lasers from going to places where you dont
want them to go. The picture shows a small Thermal
Grid Core and a larger on the right. Absorber blocks are
placed for each general side to limit the laser's range.

=AAL Thermal Reactor=
Image Image
The heart of an AAL base. This unit produces
all the power to the AAL units and functions as a commanding
unit aswell. You can also buy a version with a protecting
shield system. Enemies must destroy the 4 generators around
the shield to disable it before they can attack the core itself.

=AAL Amber Turret=
Amber turret is very effective at defending.
You can choose to buy either of the 2 firemodes it
offers and place it in your base. It will quickly
regenerate lost hit points and has a "hypershield"
feature if you press the "jump" button. This will protect
the turret for 4 seconds from almost any incoming fire
while giving it a chance to reload or survive a lethal

=AAL NovaStar Turret=
Gigantic armored turret with an incredible
shield system. It's powerful "Mega Slug Cannon" can
crush and smash almost anything in one hit making it a
a feared collosus in your base. It's shield system is
powered by a console below the turret that can be
destroyed seperately before you can destroy the turret
itself. It also comes with a very powerful sub-system
called "Thermal Blast". It send out a powerful thermal
shockwave that either pulverizes or knocks away most
enemies that got too close to the turret.

4. Other

Besides all the stuff above, there are some other stuff
in the package aswell. These include:

-Anti/Extramass devices.
-3 new terrains and 3 pre-built AAL bases on them.
-2 test purpose maps.
-Water module. (Hidden, found in base/modules folder.)
-Challenging and balanced Activities.ini file.
-Advanced gore system. (Easily ported for other mods.)
-Hidden extra weapons for M.P.A.M. (Not for fair play.)
-Items list of all the objects in the mod that are usable in an activities.ini file.

DOWNLOAD NOW! (Filefront, 12mb)

-Entire DRL fan community.
-DRL Dev team.
-Various sources of inspiration and sound effects.

Author:  TrouserDemon [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

I came.

Thanks for all the effort.

Author:  CandleJack [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

AWESOME, but won't the reaper auto scuttle?

Author:  411570N3 [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

Testing, just have to wait half an hour and a doctors appointment to... arrggghhhh

Author:  CandleJack [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

The pilot released from the reaper isn't controllable.

Author:  kennyclone [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

dumb mac D; wont let me play

Author:  Hamburgler [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

Well god-damn, I didn't think you'd REALLY release until B23. Good work, field-testing now.

Author:  CandleJack [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

kennyclone wrote:
dumb mac D; wont let me play

That won't happen anymore when Data releases build 23. It shouldn't be long now.

Author:  Brainwashed [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

Numgun, king of Third-party (and First-party) content.

Awesome mod, good sir. This is so awesome it should even be in the actual game.

Author:  kiberkiller [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

People with mac problem. Comment or erase Slayer lines from Activities.ini and Index.ini then AAL.rte will load as it should. you wont have slayer unit but you will be able to play the rest

Author:  maddog321 [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

Oh my God its released! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Dling now, will post review later.

Author:  Ragdollmaster [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

Olawdy, heart attack time. Immediate DL.

Author:  Geti [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

holy jesus i read through it all before downloading and im impressed with the content. i'll be interested to see how you set out your folders :P
testing soon, have to call gf. incredible work.

Author:  Hamburgler [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

Played around with it a bit, built a fort into the Space Pillar and fought off waves of Bear Federation grunts and armour.
SO. Feedback time!

Overall impression: it's fantastic. It's very polished and well-balanced (as far as overly-strong ♥♥♥♥ goes). I definitely prefer the new Marines to the old ones- they feel less cartoonish. Thanks for ditching the football-player shoulderpads.
The tank is just fantastic. The engine isn't designed for it, but armour fights are still fun as hell- one Linear Cannon particle-crawler of death versus 4 or 5 T-300 light tanks was glorious for all the right reasons.
I like the Runners. They're pretty frail and undergunned- you resisted the temptation to give them something tougher to fit in with the rest of the pack, which I commend you for.
The energy-field-protected brain is genius. Nothing so far even comes close to the objective-based gameplay you just introduced.

As always, I've got stuff to ♥♥♥♥♥ about too. Remember, it's constructive criticism!
I'm absolutely not a fan of the brick-style base construction right now. It's cumbersome and hideously slow- sure, it's customizeable as hell, but most of the time you just wanna slap down some tunnel modules and go. Leave the current bricks in, but introduce some simple modules as well to speed up basic construction.
The TTR crashed my computer both times I used it. I'm aware it's a problem on MY end, but it's still a little (understatement ahoy!) over-powered. The whole countdown/defence system is excellent, though.
The Cargo Rocket feels insubstantial. I haven't looked at the .inis but it feels like it's way too light for it's size. On top of that, the actual rocket engine effects leave something to be desired. that's it. On the whole, I thought it was great- but greatness can always be improved upon.
The sniper's laser-sight is distracting. I know that's the point, but it tends to mess with the enemy's AI if you leave the sniper alone and cause all sorts of wierd bunching up.

Author:  Exalion [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: =Alteisen Arsenal Labs 3rd= ))AAL Product

Laser marine is a hoot to use, I love the BFG style primary weapon, and the secondary weapon rocks too, very satisfying to use (LOVE the animation).

Weird kinetic sword is awesome too.

Tank can't walk.

Awesome mod.

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