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Mutagen Makers Federation VERSION 3! With added lua-ness!
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Author:  Areku [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:26 am ]
Post subject:  Mutagen Makers Federation VERSION 3! With added lua-ness!

Areku's Workshop heavy industries presents:



Radioactive cookie to whoever discovers the webcomic reference hid in this post. :)

Welcome, dear customers to the virtual Mutagen Makers Federation (MMF) Virtual catalog. Please sit down and relax as we introduce you to our great range of high quality problem-solvers. We will start by covering the company's history:

1- About us

The MMF is a small industrial federation with the objetive of "gathering, developing and classifying mutagen agents from the whole galaxy, and distributing them to the discriminating customer". It was with that ideal in mind that our founders, a small group of individuals with common interests, created the company's first lab on the surface of the ninth moon of Ichiban, in the Omega-46 star system. In a few years, the company was already prosperous and sending crews of scientists and geneticists to every corner of the galaxy.
Eventually, it became obvious that to maintain such large-scale research operations, a better way of centralizing production would have to be applied: the whole moon would have to be moved.
Unfortunately, with the technology available at the time, nothing of that bulk could be safely transported through interstellar distances. Luckily, at that exact moment, our labs had finished the project for a Chaos Core Engine ( see more in the Products section), capable of generating the absurd amount of energy necessary to propell the moon through space. In a few months, it had been installed inside the moon's core and was ready to operate. At the stardate 9668343.560, it was turned on, and at the stardate 9668343.561, half of the moon had been transformed into dust.
Not discouraged by that failure, our engineers immediately started installing a newer, more stable model of the Chaos Core inside the remaining half of the moon ( now appropriately renamed Shattered Moon ), and it, surprisingly enough, worked prefectly as expected. The Shattered Moon Base was moving, and nothing would stop it again!
The inaugural trip has ended a few weeks ago, and our base is currently in the orbit of a small planet rich in gold deposits, where a few factions fight for supremacy. Our company is at their service... that is, as long as they are paying customers...

2- Products:
Our company is proud to provide to you, discerning customer, our list of products, divided into subcathegories for your convenience:

- Main Wing:
The main wing is where our standard products are manufactured, with our traditional quality:


Genticists are the backbone of our company: at the same time that they research mutagen compounds, they have enough combat training to serve as light soldiers.


One of the planet's factions, the Coalition, used a very intersting cloning technic. Our attempts to reproduce it were... not succesful, but there was a useful byproduct: the Abominations, creatures that, despite their feral appearance, are quite smart and strong, and work for us as heavy soldiers in exchange for some money to buy large amounts of rotten meat, their favorite meal.


The factions fighting for the planet's control displayed quite a surprising practice: Extracting their commanders' brains and encasing them in protective mechanical suits to increase their survivability. Such suits, however, lackked both strenght and mobility. With that in mind, the Advanced Field Suit (AFS) was developed. Much stronger than a normal brainbot, these contraptions are equipped with tank threads to ensure fast movement over all kinds of terrain, and their modified life support system allows their brains to stay active even if the protective glass casing is destroyed. There is also a X version, that comes equipped with three heavy weapons, the gas grenade gun, the homing plasma launcher and the drone cannon, to guarantee firepower in any situation.

Drop Barrel:
A very cheap way to transport troops into the battlefield, while not the safest one.

V-Virus vial:
One of the first mutagen agents our company developed, this virus will transform the user into a zombie after a few seconds.

Interior Fire:

This serum causes the user's body to slowly self-combust, causing third-degree burns on anyone nearby.


One of our most dangerous products, this serum causes intense bleeding, transforming each cell of the user's body into a small projectile, with devastating effects to the surroundings. May cause medium lag.

Energy shield:
This nanobot pack uses the user's methabolism to power a small personal energy shield. While pretty efficient against bullets, this shield is very unstable, and abrupt movements may cause it to phase through the user, with VERY unpleasant effects.

Kinetic shield:

An improved energy shield, the kinetic system won't stop bullets, but fully protects the user against mass based projectiles, such as rockets, high-speed gibs and so on.

AntiNaru Laser:

Our standard issue laser gun, this pistol was specially designed to neutralize Naru-type targets. Now, all we need to do is discover what exactly is a Naru-type target. Can be dual wielded.

MD-300 flamethrower:

The need to sterilize our labs after particularly nasty experiments led to the development of this flamethrower, light enough to be held with a single hand but powerful enough to melt metal.


This custom-made shotgun shoots a wide burst of shattered glass, that causes little damage to armor but cuts lighter units in a thousand little pieces.


This might seem an usual magnetically-driven rifle, but it uses custom bullets that fragment right before touching the target, causing huge amounts of damage.

Psychosis gun:
While completely harmless, this weapon creates an eletromagnetic field that interacts with the targets' brain waves, causing them to run around pointlessly and completely forget about shooting at you.

Starburst cannon:

One of the most powerful weapons in our arsenal, this cannon opens a portal to the core of a star, spurting molten weirdness all over the battlefield. It is not recommended to use this weapon while moving, as imprecisions in the portal's positioning may cause it to appear right at your back... making one hell of a mess.

Gas Grenade Gun:

A very poweful bunker-clearing weapon. The first shot launches a small metal sphere that fills the surrounding area with a mixture of flammable gases. The second shot, then, sends some sparks to ignite it. Mind you, while the fire generated is not much damaging, it covers a wide area, so duck and cover after firing. Might cause some lag if more than one grenade is ignited at once.

Homing Plasma Launcher:

This weapons fires five spheres of plasma that, using complex tracking algorithms, will hunt down any enemy units that come close enough, with deadly efficiency. Unluckily, their molecular structure collapses after fifteen seconds. Warning: Do not fire in closed spaces! The Mutagen Makers Federation is not liable for any personal injuries decurrent from incorrect handling of this weapon!

Drone Cannon:

This cannon fires a metallic capsule that transforms into a small airborne "drone" that will float slowly to the ground, while shooting enemy targets. The drones are also capable of walking, albeit slowly and clumsily.

(Sorry for the capitalized letters, but we don't want you to miss this one!)
After extensive testing and research, we discovered that zombies are actually vegetables and reproduce through spores. This bottle is filled with them, along with some water and growth accelerators. Throw it somewhere to grow an instant zombie army! ( Please note that zombies are not very smart, and might choose to attack you instead of your enemies! :P )

Decoy Pistol:

An enemy finds this. He thinks: "hey, a pistol lying on the floor, I'm lucky to find it! Lest's test it... Ouch, it cut my hand! Oh my, my hand is turning green, what the heck is happening and what... WAAARGHH! <insert zombie voice here> Brains... Brains! I MUST EAT BRAINS!"

Crab DNA:

Among the most common creatures on the planet, the crabs are present in most of its surface. After studying their genetic structure, we discovered that it could succesfully be merged with the human body. And the result was what you see: A fast, smart and...crabby creature. Capable of running faster than any human and jumping higher than any crab, these beings are extremely useful as scouts or light soldiers. They can also cut people in half and dig small trenches with their powerful claws. (their eyes, like the crabs', have that funny up-and-down movement pattern. And they love tommy guns! Don't ask why...)

Gnome Serum:

For a long time we tried to create a serum that made the user's body generate a firearm. And we succeeded. Using this serum will give you the Codfish grenade launcher, a very powerful handheld fish (???) that spits explosive metal eggs (?!?!?!) that generate a small blast of antimatter ( what the...? ) that leaves terrain and devices unharmed, but easily tears soldiers apart.
There was, though, a small side effect: the user of this serum will be transformed into a... well... a... *COUGH* garden gnome *COUGH* with a funny accent. Yeah. And the gnome's name is Wesker. Don't ask why. We haven't discovered yet.

Bullet Bill Serum:
We discovered that a particular alcaloid found in the planet has the property of transforming people into bullet bills. Go figure that.

SUPER Bullet Bill Serum:
This serum transforms you into a super bullet bill that cannot be controlled, but acts as a pretty amazing missile.

Digger & Tower serums:
Want to go to a high place but ran out of jetpack fuel? Use the tower serum to get there. Want to dig a tunnel but don't have one of those expensive turbo diggers? The digger serum will transform you into a human digging machine. Just crouch to start digging a vertical shaft.

Dummy Chainsaw:
Built using some blueprints we stole, I mean, borrowed from the dummies, this chainsaw is probably your best option to survive a zombie outbreak.

Homing Chainsaw Cannon:
One of the planet's factions, the Ronin, had already built a chainsaw laucher. It was uneffective, difficult to aim and expensive, though. Why use that, we thought, when you can simply get an old rocket launcher, some gunpower, a chainsaw and an AI chip to make a much more effective weapon? :P

- Easter Island Wing
Our researchers, while visiting a small and unkown planet named "earth", discovered a small island that had once been inhabited by the Uurghasnokh, an ancient race of beings with 96 pairs of arms ( notably, the Uurgashnok were the only race in the whole galaxy to invent deodorant before discovering fire ). There, we found some really advanced technology, including:

The Moai/Heavy Moai serum:

This serum transforms the user into a hopping, talking and gun-wielding moai statue! There is also a Heavy version, that transforms the user into a Moai with legs. It is worth noticing that both kinds of Moai, when destroyed, divide into several Mini-Moais, descripted below:

Mini Moai:

These little rocky creatures with squeaky voices and a sincere desire to throw stones at anything that moves can either be bought for a mere 20 oz or be obtained from a destroyed Moai.

Mutant Moai:
Found deep within the Easter Island Ruins, these creatures tend to quickly crumble when shot, but their stone bodies can easily deflect lower caliber ammunition, allowing these giants to worry only about where the boulders they throw will hit.

-Plasmid wing:
One day, an old wooden crate was found floating by one of our moai soldiers on the sea surrounding Easter Island. Inside it, there were many objects of interest: Crystal skulls, gold coins, books from the library of Alexandria, several photographs of a girl with a red hood dismembering wolves with a huge saw, and a package of strange substances with the inscription "plasmids". Those last ones were particularly interesting, as they proved to be powerful mutagen agents. Though their origin is still unkown, we are selling them to our... discerning customers.

This plasmid will make the target go berserk, attacking anyone and everyone nearby, even it's own allies! WARNING: do not use in multiplayer battles: it WILL crash the game.

This plasmid allows you to set people on fire with your mind. Fun!

-Robotics Wing:
A little variety doesn't hurt anyone. We decided to take a small break from biological weapons, and bring you the best in robotic warfare!

TimerMan, Timerbot and Reflect-o-Tron:

These units are capable of manipulating time. The timerman can only slow it down for a few seconds, and may suffer overheat damage. The timerbot can slow down and accelerate time at the touch of a button, making it an important strategic unit. The Reflect-o-Tron, as seen on the Epic CC thread, can make things go back in time, with deadly effects.


With the success of the AFS, we decided to make bigger and stronger robots.
... Maybe we went a little too far. :P
This mechanical collossus is one of the biggest mechs ever, and can use a variety of oversized weapons to take out its foes in impressive and gruesome ways. Big thanks to NaXx, for the amazing amount of spriting used on this! :)

The GigaGrenade Launcher:
An oversized grenade launcher. Shoots big grenades, that, aside from exploding and ripping people apart with deadly red radiation, can crush even the strongest foes. Also has a snazzy "ammunition left" screen.

The Mecha Taser:

This huge short-ranged weapon uses a giant tesla coil to generate tremendous amounts of electricity and give you the upper hand against any mechanical foe.

The Anti-Zombie Spray:

This weapon shoots a continuous flux of a expanding, sticky green goo that might not kill anyone, but will considerably hinder your enemies' progress, expecially for jetpackless units.


This is the Biggest. Gun. Ever. Huge even for giant robots. I mean it. The normal reaction when someone sees this gun is to yell "Holy jumping jesus christmas biscuit!!!! What is THAT?!?!!?" and run away in panic. So, if you manage to get hold on one of these guns, be prepared to blow people's guts off. Seriously.

-Chaos Core Wing:
The Chaos Core. One of the most powerful devices ever invented in the whole universe. Its function is simple: it can, instantly and using small amounts of energy, create or destroy huge quantities of matter. It is, however, incredibly unstable, and a single short-circuit on one of them can send half of a continent flying. Use at your own risk.


The Reverse Singularity cannon uses one very small Chaos Core to materialize approximately 420 tons of matter in the shape of a huge storm of junk and randomness. Very powerful, but hiding under any kind of cover will fully protect you against it.

Chaos Spear:

This weapon uses a small Resonating Chaos Crystal connected to a chaos Core in our base to generate a temporary blade of pure energy. Very effective against lighter units.

Untimely Machinegun:

This small machinegun uses a small nanocore to deny any time-reducing effects, making it immune to delay and reversion powers.

The Matter Negation Device. It is the supreme digger. Using a proto-Chaos Core, it, quite literally, denies the existence of half of the battlefield. Epic.
A picture says more than a thousand words, so here's three of them:



And that's it for now, folks. I eagerly expect your comments and feedback. :grin:


Yeah, we reached version 2! Not so much new content, but I hope these new units and weapons are good. By the way, did you check out the zombie bottle? It's kinda funny. :P


Version 3 has finally come. Sorry for the big delay, but this is a big update to the mod overall. Some of the units are a bit unpolished, but I wanted to release it as soon as possible. Have Fun!


NaXx, for the spriting on ALL STUFF FOR THE SCIENCE ARMOR. THANKS A LOT, naXx! :grin:
Zalo, for the AFS's walkpaths.
Divix, for the starburst cannon's sprites.
Adasx10, for the geneticist's mask.
Mombasa, for the untimely machinegun's sprites.
-Sky-, for the spriting on the time robots.
411570N3, for the original concepts on some units.
Grif, Mail2345, Zalo, Piipu and others, for teaching me how to lua.

And I guess that's it for now, folks! :)

File comment: Da mod!
MMF.rte.rar [1.34 MiB]
Downloaded 2548 times
File comment: VERSION 2.0
MMF.rte.rar [4.13 MiB]
Downloaded 3129 times
File comment: VERSION 3.0
MMF.rte.rar [4.76 MiB]
Downloaded 9556 times

Author:  411570N3 [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

It is.... interesting.... polish the sound for the Jumping Statue and try to shade the weapons a bit more, otherwise it's pretty innovative...

Author:  joost1120 [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

I need to get my energy weapons out of my closet again!

This mod is great!
Needs more energy weapons.

Author:  numgun [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

Hell yes.

This stuff is genius like the scavenger stuff. I will give a wider feedback later after trying it all out. But looks awesome.

Author:  411570N3 [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 11:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

All you need is a bloke to do better sprites for you...

Author:  3 solid [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 12:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

Aw. You made an abomination?

I'll just have to make mine even more disgusting. XD

Looks good, I'll download later.

Author:  xerxys [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

You like Douglas Adams.

Therefore, everything you do is epic.

Author:  zalo [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

The Geneticist sprite is kinda lame with it's solid pastel color, but I really like this pack.

There is a lot of creativity going on here. :grin:

Author:  vagyr [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

this is like the scavanger faction!
innovating and fun but with bad sprites!
but this time is more fun!

Author:  numgun [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

Haha, this mod is really fun. The concept of scientists eating their own serums that turn them into live weapons is awesome. If the faction had more of these, you could have based the faction solely on mutation and live weapons. Like turn scientists into abominations(turning them into a default zombie seems pointless since those are weak and the serum costs like 100 oz) or make them fire a laser out of their mouth or turn them into a temporary area-denial bomb.

But still, you did really well and it all works! :smile:

Then those Moai things were hilarious, especially their sound effects and those small rock tossing mini-moai guys who clubbed my own guys with rocks to death and then killed my brain (they picked up an AK on the way)

Also those super weapons were fun too. The scene-delete gun brings back memories when I was playing with negative mass particles long ago with similar stuff happening. The solar cannon was epic win (a bit laggy though).

The Abomination actor looked suprisingly good. The spriting was the best on that and the mouth animation detail really made it look awesome. :D

Overall this mod is a funny mix of experimental stuff and a faction blended together. As some already said, the spriting could use more work. The scientist guy could really use some intensive shading and extra detail on his coat, but still the sprites represent all the items well and are much more better than alot of other sprites I've seen before.

Another thing I'd suggest is making the zombie virus a HDFirearm.
This way you could disarm someone with a sniper and then go throw the serum in their path so they'd pick it up. Then because its a HDFirearm, they'll go using it to fire at you and turn themselves into zombies. Could be challenging fun. : p

Author:  Thoughtprocess [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

Very nice! Some really creative stuff here. I really like the transformation serums. The Moai statues are fun to use and appropriately bulky, and a swarm of minis is unstoppable. I don't think that the normal Moai serum is working, though.

Poor spriting actually makes the abomination look more... abominable. :grin: I like the head animation; makes me want to see it start drooling or something.

The Moai sound effects were loud and annoying until I heard the mini Moais roar, which was cute. I still think that it could use more quality, however.

That's all I can think of now. Keep it up!

EDIT: I saw numgun's new post and basically agree with all he said, especially about adding more transforming stuff.

Imagine a heavily wounded soldier crawling back to the brain room and just barely getting a serum that transforms him into a monster easily capable of ragekilling the attackers that caused his wounds. Downright cinematic stuff there.

Author:  Morbo!!! [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

It lacks spriting, but that doesn't matter, as this is more along the lines of a concept mod like Zalo usually makes. Anyway, I really like the whole concept, especially the hulking abominations. I'd be willing to help teach you to sprite but I lack the will and probably skill to do it. What I'd like to see is a way to mutate enemies too, and have them on the 'neutral' team, attacking everything. Maybe make some form of toxic gas cloud too? Anyway, great work.

Author:  The Decaying Soldat [ Sun Apr 12, 2009 4:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

Damn, this is REALLY innovative.

You should concentrate on more serums. I think these are the star of this mod, coz well, uber energy weapon isn't that new. But the serums, they're such a good idea.

Needs better sprite blah blah blah, but one thing: the sound effects of the mini Moai are ANNOYING.

Author:  benjabby [ Sun Apr 12, 2009 10:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

I likes it a lot, I dont mind the sound effects, and the graphics are not too bad.
I know that no-one cares what i think but this is a very good mod

Author:  numgun [ Sun Apr 12, 2009 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mutagen Makers Federation

benjabby wrote:
I know that no-one cares what i think but this is a very good mod

*Fists benjabby*

Surprise surprise! The mod maker actually cares.
Why'd you think he'd release the mod to the public? To get comments ofcourse.

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