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 *Lua Tech Inc.* V2.31- Spike pistol fix! 
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Post *Lua Tech Inc.* V2.31- Spike pistol fix!
Lua Tech Inc. - Producing increasingly unusual products since 2300AD!
All the modules(for you mod pack rats):
File comment: Everything in one easy to open file. Also known as the tl;dr option.
Everything.7z [1.28 MiB]
Downloaded 3437 times

Base Modules - LuaModules.rte

File comment: The base modules.
LuaModules.rte.7z [9.18 KiB]
Downloaded 1142 times

The Healer:

Replaces any unit sent in with a fresh but with half of the sent in unit's health.
Now it forces the actor to drop all but it's first weapon, reducing the problem of lost weapons.
Works after warming up for about 15 seconds.

The Teleporters
These do not use the base teleporter table, they all share their own(and possibly the BW teleporters).
All of these have a warm up of 2 seconds, which starts when an actor walks in.
They linger on without an actor for a second.
Oh, and teleporting to the other side counts as walking in, so get out before you get sucked back in.
Includes rng, seq and paired teleporters.

The Hijackers

Like the mind control orb, but in the form of a bunker module.
One for each player(the ones for the 2,3 and 4th player are commented out in Hijacker.ini).

The Slowmo Device

Slows down time when a unit is inside.

Time Capsule
Takes in a unit, and spits it out 1 min later, healed.

Health router

Distributes heath with units in a 50 px range and with other routers.
Sorry about the build menu entry havering a glitch sprite. - Fixed.
Oh, and this distributes any health level as long as it is different then the router's.
So if you have a unit with -48857 health or so near this, expect anything near the routers to get fried.
Force field
This reduces the health of enemy actors near and in it.
Without a generator, it degenerates.
Total Converter
Earns you the cost of the item or actor sent in, and the mass of any other object inside.
You must place some kind of actor near this before placing, or the thing will not pay you properly.
Working MOSRotating Elevator
An experimental MORay based elevator.

Guns and bombs - LuaFirearms.rte, Module.rte

Health router implant
Allows for your unit to interface with Health Router system.
Just drop one near your unit, and the chip will do the rest.
Slave Chip
Turns your unit into a mimic slave. Does not need the slave actor.

Psy Implant *FIXED*
Give your unit psy powers!
Now had a red crosshair
Who said trains can't have telekinesis?
F for push
G for gravity effect
C to decrease distance of gravity
V to increase
H to disable AI and heal your guys --New powers start here
R to change teams
T to create a small stream of raw psy energy. Useless without another power controlling it.
X to stop stuff near you, like bullets
1 and hold to toggle GetHitByMOs(aka phasing)
2 to puppet nearby units
B and hold to swap with the unit nearest your crosshair, swapping teams and giving it your psy powers.
Z to activate psy storm. I would turn on phasing if I were you.
To magnify psy powers, type in
psyintensity = x

0.5 is half,1 is normal, 2 is twice, ect.
To magnify psy storm type
stromstrength = 2

1 is half , 2 is normal, ect.

Jetpack Upgrade
Upgrades your jetpack to a teleporter.
Now force map warps.
Nanobot Chip
Allows your actor to slowly regenerate, burst healing at 10% of your health.
Heat Seeking Gatling Gun
Hunts down actors.
Can burrow though terrian.
Sometimes gets stuck.
To delete one gun, use this code in the console:
killhsgg = true

To change the lifetime, type:
killtimehsgg = <insertimehereinms>

Detach and Hacking rifles:

These allow you to unpin and change the team of pinned actors(doors, turrets and brains)
Also can act as a sidearm.
Speedy Stone
These stones move fast, bouncing above terrain and infa gibbing to stay alive.
Only way to survive is to get a pinned shield, digg a hole or get rid the the stones.
Only dangerous in numbers.
Also, these can warp though the X boundry.
Explosive Virus
This vat of virus acts as the mother brain for a rare explosive virus.
The virus spreads rapidly, but can be cured by having the unit's health be above 90.
The destruction of the vat will result in the virus shutting down.
Now just type in the following code to disable brain infection:
ignorebrains = true

Stealth Chip
This is a stealth module that allows your units to cloak when not excessively moving or shooting.
Do note that hp damage will disable the cloak.
Assault Rifle with Grenades!
This is a assault rifle that fires grenades when the user crouches.
If you want to use Z to active nade mode, just type in:
useUInput = true

If you wan't to change the keys, use the alpha number as the key, and find
then replace 26 with the number you want.
Now with better working when multiple people fire it.
Sticky Grenades!
These grenades, when fired at any moving object, or attachmable(amour, limbs, ect), will dig their way into the center, and detonate after a few seconds.
Comes with customizable settings, all found in grapple.lua in LuaFirearms.rte
   --To change a setting, replace the word after with true(yes) or false(no)
   self.probetarg = false --Goto target root?
   self.sticktoground = false -- Stick to ground?
   self.activationeed = true -- Will this only stick when activated(does not work with self.isdetonated)?
   self.makenades = false -- Make more nades?
   self.isdetonated = false -- Is this detonated only by green C4 detonator?

Btw, the first line means that it goes to the main part center, bypassing all amour to get strait to the torso/door motor/ whatever, also the second to last line causes the grenade to make another nade when fired.
Gravity Hook
This tool fires bazooka rocket shaped gravity hooks.
Limb Saw Lazer

Removes limbs clean off. Useful to get rid of sticky grenades or to make insta head shots.
Marker targeting auto fire drone!
These drones have to be specially released from a specially contained dropship MK1.
They will shoot at fired markers rapidly with kinetic plasma.
The markers are equipt with anti grav, and sticky modules.
Unfortunately, due to a manufacturing error, they fire ballistic rounds instead of plasma rounds. Fortunately, the same error appears to have increased the fire rate.
We at Lua Tech have received our shipment of plasma charges from AAL. Ignore the above.
To advanced customers:
The drones come with an advanced control console.
Changing the fire burst interval is chagned with
shotinterval = x[/code
Changing the bullet speed is done with
[code]shotintensity = x

Head hunting guns
The bullets fired from these guns will auto aim towards the head of the target.
ECM Chip
This chip will deflect and hijack most homing missiles.
*NEW* Spike Pistol *NEW*
This pistol fires nanotech spikes.
The spikes do weird things. Very weird things.
Wayy to hard to gif, but I guarantee it's epic.

Mod Contest Entries
File comment: The contest entries.
AbsorberShield.rte.7z [4.92 KiB]
Downloaded 669 times

With the recent purchase of Absorber Shield Co, Lua Tech has expanded into the field of defensive technologies such as:
Viral Shield
An experiment with healing nanotechnology, this shield replicates it self aggressivly, draining from the host.
Only sure way to kill it is atomization.
Electrostorm Shield
When hit, this shield discharges harmful electricity in the general direction of the enemy.
Jammer Shield
Similar to the electrostom shield, but the electricity is tuned to the standard weapon control frequency, forcing a shot to be fired on overload, usually causing tempory damage to the weapon.
Transfer Shielder
Using a shielder as a base to rapidly inject nanobots, this opens a wormhole to the nearest enemy, transferring bullets, and unfortunately, health.
Fortunately, the device can harvest the emitted bio-energy that comes with health damage, allowing your unit to replenish simply by getting the target enemy killed.
It also comes with an easy target system that keeps track of a single enemy until it is killed or you reset the targeting by opening the pie menu. The enemy selected when one of those two happen is the nearest enemy.
Absorber Shielder
This shielder injects nanobots, and allows your unit to sacrifice health to destroy incoming projectiles.
Large Projectile Deflection Shielder
The injected nanobots allow your unit to deflect heavy incoming objects, but seems to accerate incoming smaller projectiles.
Bullet Deflection Shielder
The exact opposite of the large projectile deflection shielder, it deflects bullets and accelerates heavy objects.
Body Guard Chip
This chip opens a wormhole between you and a friendly that routes projectiles aimed at the to you.
The targeting system is almost the same as the Transfer shielder.

Infecting Zombies
File comment: The zombies.
RZombies.rte.7z [3.66 KiB]
Downloaded 615 times

These zombies go and hunt units down.
When they die, they infect nearby AHumans(except for them)
The infected lose health, and when they die, they spawn zombies.
Comes with two ini files.
One where the zombies are rouge.
The other is when they are on team 1(red).
BTW, these zombies have mother crab like jumping abilities.
So they work best outside.
Also, if they are too far away from a unit, they tend to fly too fast.
Anybody want to make a better gif?
Beware - The zombies may crash on macs. POSSIBLE FIX:
Go into RZombies.rte/Index.ini
Comment out either MP.ini or Zombies.ini depending on which type you want.
This also generally boosts stability.

Slave Clones
File comment: The slave clone.
SlaveClone.rte.7z [1.54 KiB]
Downloaded 460 times

These clones(based off the Collation Heavy) follow every action that the actor Player 1 is controlling does.
Except for sharp aiming, weapons changing.
Costs less(60 oz instead of 110 oz), but lacks an AI chip.
Buyable Train
File comment: The train.
BuyableTrain.rte.7z [2.23 KiB]
Downloaded 893 times

Buy the bullet train!
I've modified the lua to set the hover level to the inital location.
It also has doors.
Movement keys change speed/altitude.
*comes without psy abilities.
Vehicle Tech Demos
File comment: The vehicle demo.
VDemo.7z [8.32 KiB]
Downloaded 440 times

This is a demonstration of lua based loadable vehicle scripts.
To load an actor into a vehicle, just throw the manual control chip near it, move it near a properly programmed actor and crouch for a few seconds. Crouching also exits.
Oh, and if a vehicle dies, the actor is ejected, but loses access permission.
Now the chip is just knocked out and can be found in inventory.
EDIT: Fixed dumb bug on my end.
EDIT:Okay, really fixed.
Crashing should be down 200% and now keeps inventory.
Experimental Humvee
File comment: The humvee.
Humvee.rte.7z [998.59 KiB]
Downloaded 905 times

This is a vehicle that tilts it self to terrain.
While it's missing features like guns, escape pods or flipping, it still is fun to run over people with.
Can be bought as a bomb in game, or under actors in the contruction menu.
^ gif thanks to zalo.
Left and right to change throttle.
Up to boost terrain eating.
Down to depin objects(useful to break down doors).

Gifs would be nice for anything.

To open .7z, you need 7zip.
Do not delete Module.rte.
All chips are used by thowing them near you.

Thanks to:
Grif for his teleporting code.
Duh102 for his heat seeking code, which I used as a base.
The TLB for his mind control orb and for making a big door motor sprite, as well as some gravity and trig code.
The DRL team for CC.
The many posters in the Lua Scripting fourm, which I used to learn CC Lua.
Some guy who posted in Zalo's time capsule thread about a disappearing style capsule.
Contrary for the heath router sprite.
Erahgon for the psy power code, along with zalo, Daman and pippu.
Azukki for fixing up the train.
Pippu for the terrain detection code.
ramonimbao for the code I used as a base for the stealther.
Numgun for various ideas and some good sprites.
Zalo for one of the Humvee gifs.
Sean Mirrsen for his inventory hack.

File comment: The guns, tools, bombs and implants.
LuaFirearms.7z [63.48 KiB]
Downloaded 1371 times

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Fri May 15, 2009 7:22 am

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Post Re: Lua Base Modules
These sound cool, I'll try them soon and make a gif if you want.

Fri May 15, 2009 7:51 am
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules

Fri May 15, 2009 8:17 am
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules
My mistake.

Just uploaded.

Fri May 15, 2009 8:22 am
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules[B23]
Downloaded. After testing, though, I decided not to use it for the following reasons:

Absence of original sprites (they all look like the base.rte teleporters, yet do different things. how am I supposed to know which is which? also, for aesthetic purposes)

Absence of original functionnality (that "healer" is like The Last Banana's, except lame. his kept your weapons and gave you back your full health (what's up with the "half the original health" thing, anyway? that's stupid), the teleporters are just a bunch of rather unecessary mods of the original (random teleporter? why would I need that?). the only thing I like is the hijacker)

So really, work on it a little. This looks more like a lua test than a mod.

Fri May 15, 2009 3:33 pm
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules[B23]
Maybe the half health thing is for balance? Or the poor medic drone won't have its values. But taking off your weapons ain't nice.

Fri May 15, 2009 3:39 pm
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules[B23]
TLB's regen system knew the weapon payload and the actor in advance.
Try spawn in a weapons not on the map, and see if they stay.

There is no non-hackish(track all items and actors then guestimate if an actor picked up disapearing items) way to know what weapons the actor is holding. As far as I know.

If you want full health, find the line saying
spawnhp = math.floor(spawnhp / 2)

and change it to
spawnhp = 100

If you want furthur confimation that I can not do this using a stable system:
piipu wrote:
Can't think of any way of saving the actor's inventory either. You could gib the actor and set all particles' lifetimes to 1 in the area so that the gibs would disappear and respawn the actor so that his gear would be on the ground, but that's pretty hacky.

In response to:
numgun wrote:
If your guy is damaged, this thing will super charge your hp to 200!
But... the point was to make it heal damaged limbs. TLB made that by respawning the entire actor and re-assigning all his equipment from scratch.(The coalition base mission made by TLB) This needs a much more simple method of doing that.

Right now it just checks if an actor inside it has less than 100 hp and the recharge timer has already passed 10 seconds. then it will simply assign him 200hp points.

Heres the code on what I did with a little copypasta from here and there:

<code cut out>

It needs to respawn the actor so its totally fresh with 100hp and all wounds and limbs healed, but also let him keep his equipment he had with him. How do you code that?

Sat May 16, 2009 2:14 am
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules 5/17/09 - New stuff[B23]
How about a "Matter Conversion Pod". Just throw stuff in, actors, items, gibs, or loose dirt. Then it gives you the item's weight total in gold. I specify weight, because this wouldn't be like selling something with a dropship.

Mon May 18, 2009 7:08 pm
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules 5/17/09 - New stuff[B23]
Not gibs, because the total weight of the dropship gibs weighs more than the dropship.

Mon May 18, 2009 7:16 pm
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules 5/17/09 - New stuff[B23]
That seems inefficient... Or overly efficient, or something. But I doubt every part will land in the converter's input port.

Tue May 19, 2009 3:29 am
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules 5/120/09 - Health Router[B23]
I'll work on that, but it will not be able to take in particles or gibs due to lag reasons.

Wed May 20, 2009 9:36 am
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules 5/120/09 - Health Router[B23]
Uhh... The folder is for the zombie mod?

Wed May 20, 2009 10:43 pm
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules 5/120/09 - Health Router[B23]
I'm just really put off by all of these using the teleporter sprites. Did you check the sprite dump for anything or ask someone at least?

Thu May 21, 2009 1:22 am
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Post Re: Lua Base Modules 5/120/09 - Health Router[B23]
Thread Title wrote:
Lua Base Modules 5/120/09 - Health Router[B23]

Well gee, I didn't know any months had more than 31 days.

Other than that, I dl'd.

Thu May 21, 2009 1:23 am
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Post Re: Lua Modules, Weaps n Stuff 5/21/09 - Correct file uploaded!
Sorry about uploading the wrong file.

And I could not find the sprite dump for a nice sprite suitable(eg, some kind of background bunker module).

Thu May 21, 2009 5:30 am
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