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 Minor Mod Dump 
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Post Re: Minor Mod Dump
Just a small mod

Adds a new version of the autocannon. It feels a lot more like an autocannon and is great vs dreadnoughts and drop ships. Though it has some semi realistic recoil so beware. Small actors will lose control of it quickly and even more so if flying or walking while shooting. You can place the barrel on the ground or a piece of cover to greatly reduce recoil.

Auto Cannon.rte.rar [4.07 KiB]
Downloaded 255 times
Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:57 pm
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Data Realms Elite
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Post Re: Minor Mod Dump
A compilation of akblabla's "Alternate Skirmish" and weegee's "Extended Skirmish" mods, altered to my liking.

Credit goes to the original creators of all the content.
File comment: Shoop da f-ing woop.
Extended Alternative [74.79 KiB]
Downloaded 421 times

If you want to leave a comment, do so in the appropriate thread, unless you have something directed specifically toward me, in which case I probably don't care, but you can drop me a PM none the less.

Thu Sep 29, 2011 5:34 pm
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Post Re: Minor Mod Dump
Level 1 Scattergun

Valve: Sounds
#LHB: Sprite help

Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:28 am
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Post Re: Minor Mod Dump
Petethegoat wrote:
Strength Implants
Only 10oz! Buy today!

Throw fools over balconies.

Brought to you by the shadowy Implants Corporation.

So, fulfilling Contrary's request, with Lua stolen (with permission) from Mail2345.

Any problems, PM me.

Um this doesn't work for b26 there isn't any implant in the inventory

Sun Oct 30, 2011 7:06 pm
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Post Re: Minor Mod Dump
Bear in mind that this mod dump dates back past a few build releases - chances are a lot of these mods are not compatible with the later releases and have been forgotten about. PM the creator for any questions.

Sun Oct 30, 2011 11:55 pm
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Post Re: Minor Mod Dump
I know Base.rte edits aren't particularly embraced or anything but I made this for myself but wanted to share it anyway. So without further adieu, I present Cortex Command in Zero-G
No pictures because they wouldn't really outline it well and I don't feel like making a gif (it's kinda late, stuff to do etc.) Readme is included in the download.
File comment: The mod.
Zero-G Warfare.rar [10.5 KiB]
Downloaded 289 times

Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:55 am
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Data Realms Elite
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Post Re: Minor Mod Dump
First minor mod.

In fact, it's just a template for a key-press-activated bayonet.
In fact, it's the one Arcalane asked me to do for the W40K mod.

It's easy to add to your guns and easy to modify, since all the important variables are changeable at the beggining of the script, and the script is easy enough for anyone with basic knowledge to change.

You also need to have two particles, the MOPixel being fired and the AEmitter that will do the sound, which are also defined in the ini and easy to change.

File comment: Activate with letter F or change it in the lua script!
BayonetTemplate.rte.rar [1.55 KiB]
Downloaded 219 times

Sat Dec 10, 2011 2:25 am
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Post Re: Minor Mod Dump
I was piddling about with ammo types that had to be bought separately from a gun, and had to be made without modifying the gun's original files, and here's what I wound up with.
Ammo.rte.rar [10.21 KiB]
Downloaded 158 times

Under the tools category, you can order "Elite Pistol Ammo Types".
With this item, you can use one of two pie menu options: apply hollow points, (twice the number of projectiles, each has halved mass) or apply armor piercers (1.5x sharpness).
Either of these options will set the next mag of all applicable weapons in the actor's inventory to the applicable type; the new rounds will be in effect after you reload.
This works with a predefined list of weapons that is easily expandable, and newly defined magazines for those guns. The current list only affects the Ronin Glock and Desert Eagle.
These ammo types are not balanced; the focus of the mod is the toggling function, not the game play intricacies it causes.
These scripts can be modified to switch magazines of guns without modifying the guns for other reasons, too. I'm sure little bits of it can be good for other uses too.
If you want to make a mod with ammo types and modifying the applicable guns is an option for you, this method is hilariously overcomplicated, I'd advise against it.
If you want to use these scripts, permission isn't needed, but credits are appreciated.
If it's not working and you're playing on Windows with CC B26, PM me and we can maybe figure it out.

Maybe if there's enough interest, I'll balance it out and expand the lists so it's 'fully incorporated' to vanilla content, like VisInv.

Ammo.rte 2.rar [14.83 KiB]
Downloaded 188 times

-Now runs off of copies, Glock2 and Desert Eagle2 in the ammo category. This was necessary to make the following possible.
-Now upgrades are automatically applied, but when applied to one applicable weapon, the upgrade disappears.
-Now with high cap mags and laser sights, but there's currently no support for combining upgrades.

Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:20 am
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Post Re: Minor Mod Dump

Disclaimer: Sprites were found in the sprite dump area and aren't my own.
I was planning to do a complete set on these until I realized that someone else already made a boomerang mod.
It's still fun to play with though.
Just be careful when trying to catch the power boomerang that I've also included.

Boomerang.rte.rar [87.23 KiB]
Downloaded 333 times
ScreenDump003.gif [ 166.51 KiB | Viewed 9701 times ]
Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:42 am
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 Re: Minor Mod Dump
I am proud to present my first and newest mod, the Gatling Artillery!

The gun it's self is not very complicated, or heavy for that matter, but is rather expensive because of its range, you can shoot a crab from the other side of the map with generally crappy aim.


Version 8 change log:
- Added some fixes.
- Now has gatling artillery turrets(default gatling turret + drone with different gun)
- *Credit to one of the developers for the Drone and turret sprites.
File comment: Update 8
Gatling [571.57 KiB]
Downloaded 243 times

Last edited by Galacticruler on Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:59 am, edited 5 times in total.

Sun Mar 04, 2012 12:09 am
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Post Re: Minor Mod Dump
In most video games, the action of reloading a closed bolt weapon either includes cycling it after replacing/refilling the mag, or it doesn't, and then you have the magazine capacity for your number of shots available until you need to reload again.

But this mod realistically portrays a closed bolt weapon and its separation of a chambered round from the mag, adding a extra shot to your capacity and making reloading faster when you reload before your mag runs dry.

If you fully empty this weapon first, reloading will require cycling it, which adds delay to reloading. (2500ms reload time) You'll have only the magazine's capacity available to you.
But if you reload before the magazine runs totally dry, you won't have to cycle it. (1500ms reload time) You'll have the magazine's capacity available to you, along with the previously chambered round.

Oh right, the weapon itself. It looks like a base.rte SMG, but it's a semi auto detachable-magazine-fed shotgun. It's not balanced, polished, or even good, it's just a demonstration for the feature I've described.
OneInThePipe1.2.rte.rar [275.3 KiB]
Downloaded 178 times
This mod intends to satisfy those with OCD and an interest in firearms. Maybe it makes gameplay more dynamic or some crap like that too, 'iunno.

If you want to use the script, you don't need to ask permission, but please give credit if you use it without significantly changing it.
Credits: Sounds taken from Tripwire Interactive's game Killing Floor, other parts taken from CC vanilla content, rest by me.

I might rework the script so it works a bit more elegantly, instead of requiring an extra mag to be defined in .ini. edit: 1.1 did this
edit: 1.2 is slightly better, you can reload to full capacity without wasting ammo
I also might make this feature standard on Shadow Echelon weapons.
Making this feature work for a cartridge-by-cartridge fixed magazine "shotgun" reloading style would work differently and need a new script.

Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:12 am
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 Re: Minor Mod Dump
following the tutorial found here this is basically my warming up and getting used to .ini and how the language works.

right now there is only one weapon, TMG-001 The Voice.
it is the basic full-auto pistol you have at the beginning of the game CombatHeaven
custom sounds, sprites, etc.
I don't really expect anyone to try this thing out but if you do let me know.
also, and idk if this is covered in any forum tutorials, but I find offsets to be quite the headscratcher, any pointers?
also, the weapons I am making in this mod do not have physical magazines, so is there any way to eliminate that part of the code while still having ammo?

EDIT: added BMR-250 Desire and my very first actor, TAT-001 Fang (it looks like unholy hell right now, but I got rid of the crashes which was nice)
*shivers* I figure, not bad for only 3 days of learning (I admit I copied over the .ini from the dummy template tutorial)
anyways, I picked a hell of a week to start getting into this stuff considering I've got finals in the coming days FML
I'm kinda hesitant to say "take a look" considering I blanched at the sight of it as it hopped out of the drop ship.

File comment: here is the .rte (OLD)
CombatHeaven.rte.rar [14.73 KiB]
Downloaded 137 times
File comment: verson null
CombatHeaven.rte.rar [44.77 KiB]
Downloaded 151 times
Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:36 am
Profile YIM
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 Re: Minor Mod Dump
Umpty Platoon

This is my first mod. It's a small faction of cute little yellow plastic robots. It features a bunch of custom sounds, recorded by hitting things. The soldiers, and most of the weapons, are very weak but also very cheap.

    Umptrooper - The basic soldier. Weak, cheap, fast.
    Ump Commander - A brain unit. An Umptrooper with a brain and armour.
    Momo - A peach thing. Rolls around.
    Smart Momo - A brain unit. An intelligent-looking momo with glasses.
    Maverick - A weak gun with a 6-bullet shotgun-style reload.
    Marksman - A (slightly) stronger gun (still weak) with a long range. It only loads one bullet at a time.
    Jolt - A tiny single-loading sidearm. Ridiculously ineffective.
    Beam Slicer - A laser sword. Pretty small. This one's actually effective, but only at very close quarters.
    Confetti Gun - Fires a lethal scattering of confetti in a blunderbuss-like attack.
    Ump Bomb - A little air-grenade. Pile 'em up and you can do a little damage.
    Ump Box - A craft. A box falls from the sky and breaks on impact. Cheap, but you can't order much.
    Ump Impulse - An Umptrooper armed with a Maverick for quick loadouts.

File comment: Fixed version [1.35 MiB]
Downloaded 351 times
Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:56 am
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 Re: Minor Mod Dump
Edit: At the time I thought the "scan later" button wasn't working properly for whatever reason.
This mod is thus pretty useless and I suggest you not download it.

I made sitescans go faster because I'm impatient when it comes to watching the exact same thing a hundred times. There's still plenty of time to pan the camera around afterward, though, if you want to. Unfortunately I didn't figure out how to make the finished prompt instant, so you still have to look around for a little bit.

Naturally, since this replaces a Base.rte script, there's a risk of it breaking everything and requiring game re-installation. Also, since it makes things go from black to white to revealed at 20x speed, I recommend that epileptics steer clear from it.
Fast Sitescans via mediafire because the forum's attachment system doesn't seem to want to cooperate.
To use, extract the two files to Base.rte/Activities. You will be asked to overwrite SiteScan.lua. If you accept the risks said before, accept the overwrite, and the mod's installed.

I've included a copy of the original sitescan script too, if you want to revert back to usual settings because this mod has messed your game up, or just for preference, just delete SiteScan.lua and then rename SiteScanOriginal.lua to SiteScan.lua.

Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:24 am
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Post My first mods
I know this isn't anywhere near good. I just started modding yesterday and never did something like this before.
I just modded an actor (reskin and adjusting ini of coalition soldier light) and some weapons.

Weapons list;
Reskin and adjusting of stats (my first mod ever) of tutorial DE from the maker of Crowguard.

First self made sprite. looks like crap but ini is based on blunderbuss. With some tinkering.

Mosin Nagant
Now wer talking! only thing is sprite of M1 garand was taken for the correct size and offset. all else is modified. including real mosin nagant shooting, bolt-action and reloading sound :D

The weapons arent really balanced... but it is my first so what the heck xD

please enjoy and give feedback please ^^

i forgot to add the download.. here it is :d thanx for the pm's!
At this point. Iv added 2 new actors and 1 new weapon. I shall update the rte file soon :)

Triozer0.rte.rar [833.19 KiB]
Downloaded 160 times
Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:48 pm
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