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 Avians 1.4 
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 Avians 1.4
This mod adds Avians from the Starbound game.


They are a bit weak and have no jetpacks but they can jump high enough to navigate bunkers and are very resistant to gibing and fall damage. Avians are usually no match for most factions unless they use their expensive energy weapons and mercs.

Feather: A new material used in some Avian bodyparts like their feather hair. It's also used in their interaction with terrain so they don't destroy it as fast when walking over it.

A new material only used by Avians. Most Avian weapons and armor are made of this material.

Avian Stargazer:
The Brain unit for this faction. They are slightly more resistant to damage but are also heavier. They wear modern clothing, a lightly armored vest, a jetpack and a full beakweave helm that will protect the head from some direct hits.

Avian Commoner:
The weakest unit in the Avian faction. They are the lightest ones so they can jump higher. They wear no armor but their bodies are tougher than human ones.

Avian Hunter:
Hunters are better with guns and wear a bit more armor. They only wear beakweave helms and unarmored chest pieces and loincloths but that's enough for them. They are better at using guns but are specially proficient with sniper rifles.

Avian Warrior:
Avian Warriors are taller and more muscular than others and they wear beakweave armor. They are tougher and get attack speed bonusses with the Talonstrike and the Warbane but they are less agile and not as good with guns.

Avian Merc:
Mercs have access to better equipment, are a bit tougher and are good snipers. They wear lightly armored trenchcoats, a jetpack and have a chance to spawn with metal masks or googles.

A light beakweave dagger. It can only damage unarmored bodyparts but it's almost silent and has chances to disarm the target. It gets an attack speed bonus and cannot be damaged when equipped by Avians.

A beakweave spear. It's slower but has better reach and can damage armored targets. It has chances to disarm targets. It gets an attack speed bonus when equipped by Avian Commoners and Warriors.

A type of beakweave sword. It's the deadliest melee weapon but also the slowest one. It can make short work of unarmored targets and it's also effective against armored ones. It gets an attack speed bonus when equipped by Avian Warriors.

An Avian beakweave shield. It's small but moderately resistant to damage. Tipically used with melee weapons but it can be used with handguns as well.

An Avian energy weapon. It's of advanced design but it's not as deadly as other energy weapons. It rechages on its own and has the ability to fire all its chages upon firing it.

An off-hand version of the Acolyte. It's practically the same as the Acolyte and it can be used with one for akimbo firepower. It can also be used with one handed melee weapons.

An Avian long range energy weapon. It uses the same concept of the Acolyte but it can store more charges and fire at longer distances. It's a deadly weapon in the hands of a sniper. Avian Hunters and Mercs get an aiming range bonus when crouching with this weapon equipped.

An Avian heavy energy weapon. It can store tons of more charges than the other Avian energy weapons but will only fire its beam when fully charged. The trigger needs to be held down and the beam will be automatically released when the weapon is charged. It's possible to fire the beam earlier by releasing the trigger at will but the gun won't fire anything if the trigger was released too soon.

A type of Avian grenade. It sets a deadly energy field upon detonation. The field will discharge energy beams in all directions for about 12 seconds.

Download Link:
Latest 1.4 Version of the mod. ... 4.rar?dl=0

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Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:38 pm
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Post Re: Avians 1.2
Set of updates from the Steam version:

Version 1.1
-Added a new item, Priest. It's a powerful laser cannon. Hold down the fire button to charge up and fire.
-Added a new item, Guardian. It's a small but moderately strong bonemold shield.
-Added 7 more feather hairstyles and edited some of the existing ones.
-Added one more mask type for Avian Mercs.
-Helms are not overpowered anymore. They break when heavily damaged.
-Avians with helms have feather hair under them now.
-Avian Feather Hair doesn't sound like flesh when hit anymore. It has its own set of sounds now.
-Decreased the beam range for all laser weapons.
-Edited the look of the muzzle flash for all laser weapons.
-Laser weapons no longer display their current charges to stop issues with the AI.
-Edited the Loadouts so they don't start equipped with Heartseekers all the time.

Version 1.2
-Added a new item, Faithfire. It's a grenade that sets up a deadly energy field for about 12 seconds.
-Decreased the energy beam range a bit more for all laser weapons.
-Energy beams have less terrain penetration but pretty much do the same damage to actors.
-Energy beams for handguns and the cannon dissipate more smoothly now instead of just disappearing.
-Edited the look of Avian Warriors to something more fitting with their lore.
-Increased the structural integrity of Feather so Avian hair gets no damage from harmless particles.
-The material Bonemold has been renamed Beakweave and it uses a different ID than Bonemold from Florans.
-Fixed some items using the wrong materials.

Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:39 pm
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Post Re: Avians 1.2
Good mod of SB(so do the Floran one).

However, there is an error: cannot open Avian.rte/Actors/Soldiers/MeleeAvian2AI.lua: No such file or directory.
I found the MeleeFloran2AI.lua one, maybe u forgot to rename it?

Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:59 am
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Post Re: Avians 1.2
Woops, thanks for reporting that one. I did lots of tests before releasing the mod but I never noticed that. :P
I actually never got that error, unless the game logs the error and runs anyways.

Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:18 pm
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Post Re: Avians 1.3
Update tiem. Mostly bugfixes, edits and new sprites:

-Avians are no longer immune to fall damage. They are still more resistant than vanilla faction units.
-Decreased the health regeneration rate for all Avian units.
-Decreased the amount of blood from Feather Hair exit wounds.
-Edited the look of Avian Stargazers to something more fitting with their lore.
-Added 4 more face patterns for all Avian units.
-Added one more torso type for Avian Mercs. It's clad in metal plates.
-Fixed a bug causing Faithfires to just detonate spontaneously.
-Fixed a bug with Avians Commoners using the wrong AI file. Now they behave normally and are better at melee.
-Fixed a bug making this mod call files from the Florans mod.
-Fixed a bug in some lua files used by melee weapons.

Thanks Xery for the help!

Yet another small update:

-Added 4 more feather hairstyles and edited some of the existing ones.
-Reduced the aiming distance of all Avian units a bit.
-Cultist rifles get a small aiming range bonus when the user is an Avian Hunter or Merc and crouching.
-Edited the look of Avian Warriors a bit. Their legs are less dark and their loincloth is slightly more noticeable now.
-Edited the look of Avian Hunters. They now wear a different type of loincloth instead of pants and a cloth covered torso.
-Changed the materials used in Avian Hunter bodyparts. Their torsos are stronger but their legs weaker.
-Fixed a bug causing the Priest energy cannon to charge up even when in the inventory. Swapping to it would cause an instant beam discharge.

Thanks Bad Boy for the help!

Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:36 am
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