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Crises Containment Unit. V1.03
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Author:  gridbull [ Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Crises Containment Unit. V1.03

The CCU is a highly trained and specialized task force charged with keeping the peace in the overcrowded, crime filled orbital supercity known as AEON. They often employ lethal tactics and weaponry.


-Renowned CompliSound™ system
-Beautiful, original sprites
-Hand-picked, hand-tuned sounds
-Weapon animations

Below are images of the three actors, as well as their arsenal.


V1.03 - Added UL2/VW support.


1. Go into your voidwanderers.rte directory.
2. Go into the Factions folder.
3. Open Factions.cfg.
4. On any new line, insert "CCU.rte" without the quotes.
5. Done!

V1.02 - Fixed pistol smoke and P-90 stanceoffsets
V1.01 - Fixed pistol and some mild plasma rifle console errors
V1 - Initial release


-Basically everyone who ever recorded a weapon
-Hoovytaurus (weapon code, sound acquisition)
-Gridbull (sprites, actors, lore/flavor-texts)

Stay tuned for updates!

Author:  DiuxWarson [ Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Crises Containment Unit. V1.03

Cool, when I finish all my stuff, I'll see if I can try your mod. :)

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