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Z Steel Soldiers v0.8
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Author:  Chiko [ Fri May 24, 2019 7:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Z Steel Soldiers v0.8

The reds steel soldier army from the RTS game Z and Z: Steel Soldiers. Technically, they are stronger dummy robots.
They also throw some dialog lines when being selected, when under attack or at will via pie command button. Most of the sounds in this faction are from the first Z game.



General: Faction brain unit. It's not really strong but is an skilled soldier. They come with their own weapon, Machine Pistol.

Grunt: Basic combat unit. They are average in all aspects. Their weapon of choice is the Combat Rifle.

Psycho: Assault unit. They are a bit stronger and faster but have less aiming range. Their weapon of choice is the Machine Gun.

Tough: Demolitions unit. They are heavily armored but are really slow. They have poor aiming range. Their weapon of choice is the Rocket Gun.

Sniper: Long range unit. They are weaker than Grunts and slightly faster and light. They have the longest aiming range. Their weapon of choice is the Sniper Rifle.

Pyro: Close quarters unit. They are slightly stronger than a Psycho but also slower. Their weapon of choice is the Flamer Gun.

Laser: Advanced unit. They are weaker than Pyros but have better aiming range and perception. Their weapon of choice is the Laser Gun.

DOWNLOAD LINK: ... 8.rar?dl=0

Author:  Chiko [ Sat May 25, 2019 8:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Steel Soldiers from Z v0.2

Update for this mod. Here's the changelog:

-Added more steel soldier dialog for the form squad, go to, sentry, patrol, gold dig and brain hunt pie commands.
-Added a "Taunt" pie command for the brain unit, which allow players to make the brain unit throw taunt dialog lines from Z: Steel Soldiers' Zod.
-The brain unit now has a chest plate for better torso armor. It's stronger than the Tough's chest plate armor.
-Edited the sprites and magazine placement in some of the weapons so they look better and a bit more accurate to the weapons in the original game.
-Edited the gibs in all bodyparts and weapons so their destruction is better looking.

Author:  Chiko [ Mon May 27, 2019 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Steel Soldiers from Z v0.3

New update, lads. Here's the changelog:

-Added more brain unit dialog for the form squad, go to, sentry, patrol, gold dig and brain hunt pie commands.
-The Brain unit's head is a bit more resistant to damage now.
-The Tough steel soldiers are now a bit more stronger but also heavier. They have different arms and legs and heavy duty jetpacks.
-The Sniper steel soldiers are even lighter now, which also means weaker. They have different legs.
-The Pyro steel soldiers now use a different torso, which protects part of their jetpacks.
-Laser steel soldiers now use a green visor, similar to what all steel soldiers appear to wear in the original game. Also, their heads are a bit lighter.

Edit: Aaaaand yet another update. Here's the changelog:

-Edited the faction logo so it looks better than the current one.
-Edited the faction loadout so all the templates use dropships only.
-The Brain unit's hat now has its own custom gibs.
-Laser and Rocket Guns are now considered heavy weapons instead of light weapons.
-Reduced the firing rate of Laser Guns since they are deadly weapons.
-Fixed a muzzle flash in Laser Guns that would appear at random.

Edit: Another update, lads. Here's the changelog:

-Split the backpacks into light, medium and heavy backpacks. They have different weight compensation and damage resistance stats.
-Increased the weight of some of the weapons.
-Machine Pistols are considered secondary weapons now so the brain unit will use their main weapon first.
-Sniper Rifles are in the Sniper Weapons category now.
-Rocket Guns now fire more effective rockets. They will detonate just before hitting something, meaning the sharpnel won't completely recoil back on direct hits.
-Increased the recoil transmission in Rocket Guns by 4 times the previous value. The effects are reduced by weight so Toughs are the less affected units.
-Most weapons have less or no recoil transmission, meaning less actor pushing when firing.
-Made some misc small changes and removed some redundant pieces of code and sprites from the files.

Edit: Update tiem! Here's the changelog:

-Added metal hit sounds from the Z: Steel Soldiers game. Most limbs and devices use these sounds now.
-The brain unit now wears a better looking hat. The hat is also a bit more accurate to the one Zod from Z wears.
-Rockets will detonate on direct hits like they used to. This is closer to how it works in the original game. Rockets have a lot of mass so they can cause damage on their own apart from their explosion.
-Rocket explosions are not directional and safe for the user at close range anymore. The explosions are also smaller but with more sharpnel so they are deadlier against groups.
-Already dead steel soldiers won't speak their pain dialog lines when shot. There are rare cases their bodies don't settle and still behave as if they were alive.
-Edited the gibs in all units again for better gibbing effects.
-Made some misc small changes and removed some redundant pieces of code from the files.

Author:  Chiko [ Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Steel Soldiers from Z v0.8

New update for this faction, lads. Here's the changelog:

-Added a new unit type, Z Red Tank. It's a light tank with a decent amount of firepower. It's heavily armored but it has a pretty obvious weakspot.
-Added more dialog lines for all steel soldiers but Zod. Most of them are the unused strong language lines from the original game.
-Removed dependencies on vanilla factions to avoid compatibility issues. Some code still reference stuff from the Base.rte content.
-Most robot parts and all weapons are made of a custom material based on the Military Stuff one. They are slightly stronger.
-Updated the Ammo.ini with more general particles with different enough stats to be used as rounds for the available guns. All projectile weapons deal a bit more damage in general.
-Robot legs and arms will now reduce health when hit, not just when destroyed.
-Fixed a number of bugs in some lua files that would cause console errors and lag but still work.

EDIT: Update tiem, lads. Here's the changelog:

-Edited all robot heads so hitting them might knockback or flip robots. It's more noticeable on weak robots like Snipers and Grunts.
-Edited the Flamer Gun to work in a similar fashion to the one in the original game and fire bolts of flames instead of working like a flamethrower.
-Edited the ammo.ini file so the rounds don't destroy terrain as easily and rebalanced most guns.
-Minor edits to most of the ini files and fixed some bugs found along the way.

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