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Actor movement
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Author:  MaxShadow [ Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Actor movement

Hello people. I installed CC a few days ago to see what's new with the updates, and I was surprised to see that there's a big problem that wasn't fixed yet: The movement of actors. The main problem I see is that they don't use the jetpack correctly. I noticed they go full retard when trying to move over obstacles. Instead of firing the jetpack continuosly until they are over the obstacle, they fire small bursts, and most of the time, they don't reach the corner. They usually get stuck in the same spot, destroying the terrain below them, making a big hole...

I took a look at the AI files, to see if I could fix anything with my limited programming knowledge, and I'm pretty sure that the problem could be fixed with a few changes in "GoToWpt(AI, Owner)" function inside HumanBehaviors.lua. However, this is probably the most complicated function in the entire game. I'm still trying to understand how it works. I wonder if anyone has done a fix or something for this. There was an old mod called CC:Reloaded that changed a lot of things in the game, but it doesn't work anymore. Do anyone knows how to fix this somehow?

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