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One little faction Request
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Author:  werff [ Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  One little faction Request

Well i wonder if some one can do one Little thing, but i want to explain me first.

1- I can't do that because i can't make sprites ._. nor change the paletes of Windows Paint and, and thx to my Windows 8 i can't use gimp properly...
2- I dont know so much about modding, i have only edited some weapons, and a little about actors, and added some things to the masters arms for they to became usable as a proper faction.
3- I know here are good modders, and i don't ask anything to hard to make, but sadly i can't manage to make it properly (And don't ask about the goodly sprites ¬¬)

Now i can make my request... I request a... Monk faction, based on melee-unarmed characters with fist fight, and the high Price/level actors (and maeby some brains :P) can have some kind of "hadouken" or kamehameha.
Sorry if some one found this stupid, but i like the D&D monk idea XD
I will post some links to what i want to have as sprites (they are aproximations, not need to be exactly, but its for get the idea behind it)

Also, they will need to dig, but for that the will use their fist ._. the dont need to do much damange, nor dig througth anything harded than stone.
They could be hard as a ligth coalition (a bit harder to gib too) and pretty fast. And yes... then need to have some kind of... well... jets, if not they will be really handicaped (A LOT MORE indeed)
Also as delivering craft, they will use the predined, or some kind of teleport to the battlefield (like the one on necros mod, or wittis wonderfull mods XD)

One more thing...
Really sorry about my gramar mistakes, english is not my tongue mother, and my corrector usually changes some words ¬¬

Also i hoppe any kind if awnser even if it is some like "No, that stupid" to "Well i can try to do that"

And now the links to the images

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