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I need someone to make this faction campaignable(?)
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Author:  LocatingGoku [ Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:12 pm ]
Post subject:  I need someone to make this faction campaignable(?)

So a week ago I posted a thread on the mod making board where I put a chaos space marines mod I found on the russian CC forums, it works perfectly on B30 except for one thing, you can't select the faction for a mission or campaign, since I don't know how to mod (or code for that matter), I'm posting here to see if anyone could do it for me.

Since I didn't make the mod I suppose you can upload it to the mod releases board once you're done, with proper acreditation of course! The mod was made by Сандро (Google translate says it means "Sandro")

Here's the original mod thread on the russian forum:

As well as a mediafire download I'm hosting for your downloading comfort:
(Can't fit the mod on the forum upload attachment thing)

Also, if someone wants to upgrade their weaponry (their bolters shoot bullets -normal bullets-)you're more than welcome to.

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