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Author:  TheLastBanana [ Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:13 am ]
Post subject:  Forum Games Rules

Welcome to the Forum Games section!
This section is for games that require people to post in a thread. For other games, go to the Gaming section in Off-Topic Chat.
The normal rules still apply, but there are some extra rules for this forum:

    1. Don't post in a thread just to say something mean or stupid. Comments, suggestions, questions and so on are encouraged but use your own common sense when replying. Insults, backseat Moderating and backseat DM'ing will not be tolerated.

    2. Follow the rules given in the game's original post. That said, if you think a rule is unfair, contact one of the Forum Games moderators.
    ii) This means that you must have legitimate rules for your game - and all of them must be listed clearly and simply in the original post.

    3. If you're posting a game, make sure it's of good quality. We won't necessarily punish you for this, but keep in mind that a moderator may remove your game if it is of low quality. There's a few parts to this.

      i) Don't post up a game unless you've put some serious thought into it. For instance, Roll to Dodge takes time and effort to run. On the other hand, "count to infinity" is not very useful, or, for that matter, fun for anybody. If you're unsure about your game feel free to PM a moderator.

      ii) Don't post a game if you won't have time to take care of it. It's okay if you leave for a week or two, but don't start a game that requires your input which you know you'll have to leave in a few days anyway.
      A WORD OF WARNING HERE! If you, as the owner of the topic, let a game go for too long without any updates then it will be LOCKED. The time period of course is dependant on a number of things, (and you will be notified by PM) and if you come back really quickly and say that "Wait! I'm still here! Let me keep rolling!" then of course we'll unlock it.

      iii) If you're posting a game that requires art, please be sure that you have decent art skills. In the same way, please make sure you have decent writing skills before posting a text-based adventure. This includes grammar, spelling and punctuation - nobody wants to read a story full of spelling mistakes.

    4. As a player in a Forum Game, you MUST post within a specific time period so that you don't hold the game up for everyone else. This time period of course can change depending on the GM, but 48 hours is a reasonable period to make your post. Consequences of not posting are up to the GM.

Thanks for reading this, and have fun! :)

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Author:  TorrentHKU [ Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Games Rules

TheLastBanana wrote:
1. Don't post in a thread unless you're actually playing the game in it. Chatting about or commenting on the game just clutters the threads up.

Exception: If the post is constructive to the conversation at hand, such as suggesting a tactic in a battle, then you're probably fine to post it.
If you're just posting to say "LOL, you suck *playername*, you just got shot in the face", then yeah, don't bother pressing Submit.

Additionally, I'll be moderating with this color in here. And possibly a butler-ish manner.

And above all,
TheLastBanana wrote:
Thanks for reading this, and have fun! :)

Author:  Yoman987 [ Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum Games Rules

Removed a few unnecessary posts in here and made an update to the rules. Make sure you're informed.

Author:  Yoman987 [ Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:06 am ]
Post subject:  Update to Forum Games Rules

There has been a change to the Forum Games Rules. Please make sure that you have read and understood them.

In particular, I would like to highlight Rule #2 ii):
"You must have legitimate rules for your game - and all of them must be listed clearly and simply in the original post."

Most games that are created have a clear a brief set of rules to play them, but a few have been lacking.
Please make sure that your rules are easy to understand and actually make sense to the average reader.

If your rules are too complicated or aren't clear enough, nobody will play your game, you will feel sad, and the game will be locked.

Of course if you don't ever venture into the Forum Games section, don't worry about this announcement.

Author:  Yoman987 [ Fri Apr 06, 2012 3:28 am ]
Post subject:  Update to Forum Game rules

There has been an update to the Forum Game rules. Make sure that you understand them in full.


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