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RtD: Illusia - (Roll #132)
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Author:  Nighthawk [ Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  RtD: Illusia - (Roll #132)

Roll to Dodge – Illusia

I’d like to begin with a bit of my poetry.

Welcome one, welcome all!
Who will rise and who will fall?
In this tricky game, which I create…
A single, sixtwelve-side die will choose your fate.
Once you enter, you cannot flee.
Your lives are in my hands, you see.
So come on up and take a try.
Yes, try your luck with a roll of the die.

Welcome to Roll to Dodge – Illusia. It is named Illusia for the fact that Illusia is the world in which the game takes place. It is based upon Medieval Times, Fantasy, and a bit of Steampunk here and there.
This world is very much surrounded in mystery, and you will not know much about it yet, but the storyline will reveal more if you choose to enter. And yes, I said storyline. This game will have a story that you, as the players will follow, so you will have an ultimate goal… which will also be revealed within the game.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the rules of basic RtD, but here they are once again for reference, and for any of those who don’t know.

RtD is played with a group of six players. You enter a world created by the GM of the game, and could be given a goal and story to follow. (In this game you will.) You make actions, and the GM rolls a die to determine how well you do. The results for each numbered roll are below:

1 - Uber Fail
2 - Epic Fail
3 - Worse Fail
4 - Fail
5 - Almost Fail
6 - Partial Success
7 - Nearly Success
8 - Success
9 - Great Success
10 - Perfect
11 - Mini Overshot
12 - Overshot

Now we will get on to the specifics of RtD – Illusia. Read all of these! I repeat, read EVERYTHING!

-Declare system is used to post moves. Your major action should be bold and underlined, with this mark ‘>’ before it. minor actions can be put underneath that, but these can simply be underlined. (If you really want to, you can also bold them.) And finally, if you want your character to say something, put it underneath your major and minor actions in quotation marks. Have it bolded as well. After a round of results is posted, you have anywhere from 2 - 4 days to post your move, so make sure to check often. I will try to get to this as much as I can, but if I am delayed, that is that. It could give you extra time to discuss or post before I get back.

-The following is a list of actions that are minor:
--Moving somewhere else (This is REALLY minor - you can use it with ANOTHER minor action.)
--Dropping items
--Activating a special ability that buffs your character
--Giving an item to another player/npc

-Characters will have to be created. You can name your character whatever you want, or keep your username as his/her name, I don’t mind either way. Here is the character sheet for you to follow:

Appearance (Since this is a fantasy world, you can have strange hair and eye color, etc. but you must be human. You cannot pick your race.)
Occupation (basically, your role in a party)
Inventory (two items allowed to start)
Passive ability (only one)
Back story

Try to have your back story match your inventory and skills. Please don’t make a doctor with a crossbow and a passive ability that allows a +1 roll to decapitation moves. That doesn’t make much sense. (Unless of course you say that he’s secretly and assassin. That works.)

-NPC characters will be met throughout the game. These characters can die, including key characters, and all follow the rules that Players follow. So if you really don’t want that guy to die, protect him. If you’re really annoyed with that stupid townsperson, punch him in the face. Or if you’re more extreme, just impale him on the spot. Realize, however, that everything has a logical reaction. If you go on a massacre, guards and other such police force will try to stop or kill you. Since these kinds of things can happen, I will alter my ENTIRE story plan if some key character dies, or a town is destroyed. I’m flexible. However, I doubt you guys will do this, because you’re smarter than that… right?

-Dodge rolls are rolls taken by characters to avoid being attacked. Whenever you are attacked, you get a dodge roll to avoid said attack, and if you roll equal to or higher than the attacking roll, you avoid that attack. If the attacker rolls a 4 or lower, the defending side will not be harmed, but will have a chance to counterattack. If the defender roll higher than a 4, they counterattack successfully. Damage inflicted depends on the difference between attack and dodge rolls. For example, a 7 v. 6 will only hurt the defender a bit, but a 9 v. 2 will hurt them a lot.

-The crafting system is a bit more complicated than some other RtD games, but still remains easy to use. You will have to acquire basic materials before you can craft anything. You cannot simply pull a sword out of midair, except for some special cases. In any crafting attempt, you must have the materials necessary to make whatever you want. So if you want a sharpened wooden stick, you need a stick, and something pointy to carve it with. It’s that simple. The results of crafting follow a pattern based on die-rolls, just like everything else.

1/2 – No weapon made, and you get yourself injured in some way.
3/4 – No weapon made, but no other bad effects.
5/6 – Crappy/Incomplete weapon created.
7/8 – Good weapon created.
9/10 – Excellent weapon created.
11/12 – Good weapon made, but may contain a flaw or other such inconvenience.

And remember, all reactions are logical. So if you’re making that sharpened stick, and you dice your stick up into little pieces because you messed up, you will need a new stick if you want to try again.

-Inventory is managed like this: All items are sorted into size groups, from a scale of one to six, similar to a die. =D These numbers are in brackets [] next to the item. Below is the setup:

1 – Tiny
2 – Small
3 – Average
4 – Large
5 – Extra Large
6 – Huge

These numbers can still go higher to prevent characters from carrying around catapults. Each character has a maximum of 15 slots. So you can carry from 15 tiny items (which is a little stupid) to 2 huge items (which has the potential to be badass). If you have ammunition for a long-range weapon, multiple shots can be counted as one item, so don’t sweat that.

-Weapons and armor must be equipped before use. Armor must also be equipped if you want it to have any affect. Also, equipped items still count as taking up inventory space.

-Passive Abilities cannot be gained just by saying “Try to get awesome reflexes!” You must be a little more intelligent than that! To try to train a passive ability, you must specify the way in which you want to train. So, if you want to be able to eat wood without digestive problems, you must train yourself by saying, “Find the nearest tree and begin to eat it.” Or something of that sort. Although I don’t recommend chowing on trees. You could get splinters. You can obtain a maximum of 8 passive abilities. If you wish to have another after that, you must remove one of your current abilities.

- Active abilities are gained through Glyphs, this game's trademark. Glyphs are shiny gems that react to the presence of the Six. When one of the party touches a Glyph, it bestows a power depending on that person's thoughts at the time. So make sure to type what you want your character to think.

-More content will be added over time as the game evolves.

-On a final note… as with any game that is not tested, rules can prove to be bad and replaced. If you notice a problem with the game, you can post it or PM me about it. I will see if it needs fixing. But please don’t PM saying that you want a rule changed just because you want it changed. I only change things for the good of the Players.

That’s it. Fill the outline of the character sheet to sign up. I will accept six Players, and more on the waiting list if those fill up. If a Player dies, they will be replaced with an entirely new character from the waiting list. This also means, however, that the waiting list people will have to fill out character sheets. Please do not stick your character sheet somewhere in the thread and expect me to find it. When it is your turn to play, post it. You can save it somewhere else until then, or just make it on the spot.

Have fun!

Current Players
CaveCricket48 is Raphael
Hyperkultra is Gillian
Phd is John Adams
Tokochiro is Johni Koslozwa
caekdaemon is Anderson
Ociamarru is Nikolai Ivanov

Dead People
Nonsequitorian went mad and was then brutally murdered by his own companions
Adam ceased to exist due to inactivity

Waiting List
Yuzazi will be Jackson Meadows


On a seemingly peaceful day, Colber, one of the most well-defended cities in Illusia, was attacked by demons from another world. These beasts wreaked havoc upon the city and drove out all inhabitants that they did not kill. Unable to fight off these beasts, a population of survivors, including the Six, departed east for the mountains.

Two days in, the group encountered a werewolf, along with its pack of wolf followers. This enemy was defeated, and left in its wake a Glyph, which according to legend, bestows amazing abilites upon those who can use them. It seemed to only be a story told to young children, but these myths proved true, and the Six gained special powers from the mysterious gem. Unfortunately, Dan, one of the Six, was clawed by the werewolf and went mad. The party was forced to finish him off, and his place was taken by a stranger wandering the woods by the name of Raphael. Why there must always be a group of Six remains unknown, but he was accepted into the party without argument.

On the third day the party arrived at the mountain stronghold. There they met a boy by the name of Gabriel who seemed to have his fate tied to theirs. He had uncovered a prophecy that foretold of the journey of the Six. Whoever wrote this prophecy intended for them to solve riddles and make their way throughout the world of Illusia, eventually saving it from destruction.
The first riddle pointed to a place called Auid.

They didn't have much time to debate over their destinies, for the mountain was attacked by strange snake creatures. The Gabriel and the Six escaped by using a secret passage, and they began to make their way to Auid.

On the way, an odd Door in the Hillside was found, and the party, curious, decided to make their way in. There they met a friendly dwarf by the name of Hork, who lived alone with his pet Blade Beetle, Finn. Hork reveals that he has a rat problem in his basement, and Gabriel unknowingly volunteers the group to assist. The party descended into the darkness of the cellar, to find that these rats are no normal beings. They have grown to human size, and are able to use weapons.

The party defeats these rats, and the rat chief gives away information regarding the leader of the group that is trying to take over Illusia. He is called The Jester. Each of the Six is given a strange Dwarven weapon. Gabriel urges the party to leave quickly, as if he feels that something is following them. It turns out that Gabriel's own parents were killed by a man named the Jester, which is what caused his anxiety. It also gives him one more reason to continue journeying with the party - revenge.

After another few days' travel, they arrive at Auid in the middle of the night. The party immediately enters one of the town's bars, and Gabriel convinces everyone to become questionably drunk in order to fit in and get information out of the townspeople. The plan is successful. The next day, the group sets out to find a man who is apparently known for solving riddles. Their exploration of the town leads them to a shop called "Ancients."

There they meet a man named Mr. Quint, who solves the riddle they have been given, and directs them to a shrine north from town. The shrine of an old god named Calkoom.

However, Calkoom was not as friendly as expected. The god attacked them.
After a battle with Calkoom, he seemed to come to his senses and return to his true form, leaving behind a Chaotic Glyph, which contained the power of his rage.

After traveling back to town, they found Quint's shop empty, and a note addressed to them. It warned them not to travel back to Colber.
Blatantly ignoring these instructions, Gabriel and the party travel to Colber to find it destroyed. There they meet an old nemesis - the Greater Demon, and a new foe - The Jester.
After defeating the demon, they depart south for the coast.

Upon reaching the coast, the usually bustling city of Sol is found empty. Heading towards the main building, the party discovers that the entire population seems to be hiding within. After a quick conversation with the captain of the militia, Gerard, Foraqe, the Giant Nautilus shows itself, and battle begins.


Age - 17
Blond hair, dark brown eyes, and an attitude. He seems smug at times, but is not at all evil at heart. It was he who discovered the prophecy that led the Six on their journey, thus earning his place beside them. He has taken on the job of the party's guide (since none of the Six know anything about the geography of Illusia). Gabriel is adept at swordplay, and carries an odd weapon - a sword that changes into many forms. It's origins are unknown, even to him.

Age - Unknown
A very strange forest sprite, Terry does not take nearly as much interest in preserving the sprites' tiny corner of the world, though he cares about his home. Preferring action to thought, he is reckless and bounding with energy. His golem, Hunchback, is his only weapon, but he uses it so well that he doesn't need anything else. Terry is stubborn and tends to use violence as a solution to problems, but he is capable of deep thought when he's in the mood - rarely.

The Map of Illusia

Author:  Roast Veg [ Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

Oh look, another RtD thread.

Hush, you.


Author:  Nighthawk [ Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

Yes. And just so you know, I thought seriously about making this before I actually came up with it. I made sure to put everything I had into this.

But yeah. You're right. Another RtD thread. Heh.

Author:  TorrentHKU [ Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

Is there magic?

Author:  Nighthawk [ Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

Magic? Yes. It all comes with active abilites, which are a part of the plotline. They will be revealed somewhere after the first real fight, so you don't have to wait too long.

Oh, and Nonsequitorian, your character sheet is good. It's fine using those two as one item. Amazingly quick response, too. I can't believe you came up with all that so quickly.

Author:  TorrentHKU [ Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

Name: Gillian
Appearance: Tall, dark hair, wears a dark brown travelling cloak at all times. Has a side pouch slung over his shoulder. Other than that, physical appearance isn't discernible under the cloak.
Occupation: Mysterious Stranger (Decent combat skills, rogue-ish)
- Dagger
- Hip Flask
Passive ability: Sleight of Hand (+1 to anything dealing with dexterity or agility of the hands)
Back story: Nobody knows, or if they do, they aren't telling. He's been seen wandering town to town for years now, but never making a large impression upon anyone. The dedicated can track his path across the land, but there are long periods, sometimes of even years, where he simply vanishes. Mysterious indeed.

Author:  Nighthawk [ Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

Hey, Hyper. You have too many items. The game allows two to start, unless you consider the hip flask to be what is holding the pouch of plants and herbs. Not only that, but you have two daggers. I think that is already two items. So you have a grand total of four. Divide by two and we're good.

Edit - You're good now.

Author:  Adam [ Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

Adam Robinson
A tall-ish man with light brown hair and a husky build.
An extremely skilled fighter.
-Knife with brass knuckles hand guard
Ability: Fist fighter (+1 to hand to hand combat)
Story: He grew up in a family of five boys, so as one would know, being the youngest was rough. But being who he is, he adapted and knew how to fight back. As he grew up, he would always get into brawls on the streets, and later in life supported himself with money earned from cage fighting. Now, he is the last left of his family, and he stays in a shed barely surviving with the skills he has.

Author:  Nighthawk [ Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

Adam, your sheet is good. It's a little strange that you have chainmail, but I suppose it's plausible. Accepted.

Author:  Tokochiro [ Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

Name:Johni Koslozwa
Appearance:1.90 meters tall,tan,wears a white robe with blue stripes and has a short brown haircut
Inventory:A cane and some bandages
Passive ability : Helping hand(+1 to rolls wich involve helping friends)

Author:  Nighthawk [ Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

Tokochiro, your character is go. Is there a backstory, or would you rather not come up with one?

Oh, and by some bandages, I'm going to assume you mean long cloth bandages (as those will be more effective with the wounds you get in this game) and about 5 of them. That'll let you heal some wounds but not be a ridiculous amount.

Author:  Tokochiro [ Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia


Author:  HighEndNoob [ Tue Feb 15, 2011 1:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

John Adams
Appearance : 5,6 brown hair.
Occupation: Sniper
-Compound Crossbow(6 bolts)
Passive ability: In the shadows(+1 to stealth rolls when in shadows, tall grass, hay, anything he can hide in.)
Back-story: As a very anti-social person, John has been found of stealth. He than also was excited when he found out about the crossbow, which lets you fight away from anyone else.

Author:  Ociamarru [ Tue Feb 15, 2011 1:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

Name: Nikolai Ivanov

Appearance: A fair bit taller than the average fellow, with sharp green eyes that pierce through one's gaze. His bright blond hair fits with his fair skin, and he has a rather well-defined, sculpted build.

Occupation: Blacksmith, conflict resolution

Inventory: Hammer (small), gauntlets (worn)

Passive ability: Expert Craftsmanship -- Adept at making metal weapons, armor and tools

Backstory: Coming from the northeast, he migrated here to seek his calling. Nikolai, in the vein of his lineage, took the reigns as blacksmith. Very capable, his crafts were built to last and do their job well, and he grew a reputation as the go-to guy for repairs - often, those who asked for him to fix their sickle would find it sharper and lighter than when they had first gotten it. Aside from this, he quickly became known as a capable fighter, settling disputes between others by way of fist and becoming somewhat of an unofficial authority figure.

Author:  Nighthawk [ Tue Feb 15, 2011 1:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roll to Dodge - Illusia

All right. We have our last two. HEN and Ociamaruu, you two are good to go. Tomorrow afternoon I will post the opening.

Edit - Screw that. I'll just post the opening now.

It seemed a peaceful day in the bustling city of Colber. Then, suddenly, the bells tolled, and soldiers' voices echoed through the area.
"Colber is under siege! The east gate has been attacked! All civilians, move to the town square and seek shelter! All military personnel are to move to the east gate to fight off the invasion!"
Invasion? Who would, or could invade Colber, the most well-fortified city in the Southern plains? Many people (including you six) rush to see exactly what is going on. And all, when they do finally lay eyes on the cause of the commotion, cannot believe their eyes.


They seem to be humanoid, with greasy brown fur and menacing teeth and claws that look as deadly as any blade. And there are many of them. Too many. Where they came from, no one can say, but they are coming. And they are coming quickly. They leap over the walls of the city and charge ahead, plowing through soldiers like human cannonballs. They approach. Ready yourselves.

And by ready yourselves, I mean start equipping weapons. If you read all of the original post like you were supposed to, you should know that you must EQUIP items. So get on that.

-This has been changed due to the annoyingness in having to use a turn to switch weapons. You can now switch weapons freely with no negative modifiers.

The demons get to your position in one turn.

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