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 Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere (Roll 76) 
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Post Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere (Roll 76)

What is "Ethersphere"?
Just my baby that I've been messing with on and off for about a year and a half, ever since RTD2 got close to its ending. Ethersphere is a sci-fi roleplaying epic set in the not-too distant future. There's lots of worlds and civilizations- think Mass Effect, Star Wars, Star Ocean, etc etc.

Well, what's special about it?
The main way I want to distinguish Ethersphere from most RTDs is through an open-world, non-linear playstyle that grants complete and utter freedom to the player. You can do whatever you want as long as you can think of a way to do it. There are underlying, interconnected plots, and what you could call a "main quest," but you can ignore it, if you like.

So what, it's Skyrim in RTD form?
I suppose you could compare it to an open-world roamer like a Bethesda title, sure, except with cooperative play and a much bigger play area. The universe is your sandbox. It wouldn't be unfitting to sum it up as "Mass Effect meets The Elder Scrolls." Don't misunderstand this to mean that the primary plot is kind of just there- it's of intended to be at least partially followed by at least one or more of the player characters. At the same time, I'd like to encourage as much creative exploration as possible. I have a pretty good idea of what I want this universe to look like- which planets and civilizations there are, etc etc- but I'll also be making up stuff on the fly to help keep it fresh. Do note that there will be consequences (not necessarily negative ones) for ignoring the main quest. Like, welcome to post-apocalypse consequences, if you're lucky enough to survive. Basically, Ethersphere is a big epic that has multiple possible endings. You guys fill in the blanks. There's only two things that are certain about Ethersphere: It's going to be big, and there will be alien sex (since Amazigh is participating) What's not to like?

We can seriously do whatever we want?
Yes. By anything, I do mean "anything." Work with your team, go freelance, hell, flip and work for the baddy. If you want to become the ultimate heroic mercenary badass and lug around copious amounts of firepower while scantily clad women shine your giant mecha, that's cool. If you want to set up a prostitution racket on Loki IV and pimp the local X'hansi girls while your old friends raid a battleship in deep space a few parsecs away, that's cool, too.

Wait, what? There are 5 people already playing? And what's with the weird letter next to their names?
There was a beta on DuhForum, somewhat shortly-lived due to several issues like an extensive down-time of the forum, actions not being in, infrequent rolls, but mainly poor pacing. I've planned out the "full" version much more carefully, so no worries about that. Anyways, participants in the Beta get a, well, Beta next to their name, as well as first rights to the player list.

Application Form
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Tertiary Weapon:
Passive Abilities
Offensive [1 starter]:
Defensive [1 starter]:
Non-Combat [1 starter]:
Techniques [1 starter]

Example of a properly filled application sheet
Name: John Smith
Appearance: 5'8", average-length brown hair, brown eyes, average appearance with no distinguishing or unique marks.
Primary Weapon: CS-21 Assault Rifle [30|120]
Secondary Weapon: R-66 Laser Pistol [15|45]
Tertiary Weapon: XM5 Retractable Plasma Cutter
Inventory: First Aid Kit
Passive Abilities
Offensive: Guardian (+1 to defending others through attacks)
Defensive: Human Shield (+1 to "block" actions)
Non-Combat: Parkour (+1 to maneuvering)
Flame Bolt (Fire, Single Target)

Get creative with the weapons, and feel free to post descriptions if you want, too. Same goes for abilities and techniques. I'll be trying to balance anything I think is either under- or overpowered.

Offensive Abilities aid your offensive combat skills. This could be something like Marksman (+1 to long-range combat), Bruiser (+1 to melee combat), etc. Defensive Abilities aid your defensive combat skills. This could be something like Evasion (+1 to dodges), First Aid (+1 to healing self/allies), etc. Non-combat abilities aren't directly related to combat. They may be what you would usually consider regular Passive Abilities in the older RTDs- for instance, Parkour would let you freerun like a maniac, helping you with advancing over and around obstacles, or Hacker might help you crack computer systems, and so on and so forth.

For techniques, you'll need to specify two variables: Element and Target. Elements would be... well, yaknow. Imagine Bluniverse kinesises for this- fire, ice, water, lightning, earth, shadow, light, air, anything you want, really. If the technique isn't really an elemental attack, you can just put Ether. Target is either Single, Multi, Directional, Area, or Self. Single would be an attack directed at one target, like a fireball; multi would be an attack directed at multiple targets, like a lightning attack that chains off of enemies in arcs; directional would be an unguided attack in a general direction, like a kinetic shockwave; area would be an explosion type attack with an area of effect, almost like a magic grenade or something; self would be self-inflicted, so these are generally things like healing techniques and status buffs. I've decided to keep things like cost, cooldown, etc away to prevent over complication- it seemed to work well enough in Blue, so I'll be implementing the same thing here. These don't have to be "magic", per se, so get creative.

A note about the roll system: It is essentially the same as in most RTDs, but with a slight change. Instead of being an overshoot, 10 is now an epic success. Think of it like this: A 3-5 tends to be a pretty "meh" result. 6-8, it works as intended. 9 is a perfect execution. On the other end of the scale, a 2 is a failure, and a 1 is a failure with an added disadvantage, like self-injury. Thus, a 10 is like the opposite of a 1- perfect execution with an added advantage. For instance, >Shoot Guy A. Roll a 10 and your result is: Your bullet goes straight through Guy A's head, instantly killing him, and hits Guy B in the chest, incapacitating him.

Player List - 8 / 8
(β) Tomaster - Jet
(β) TorrentHKU - John S. Freeman
(β) Amazigh - Aicaya
(β) DSMK2 - D-EYE5
(β) alphagamer774 - Michael Rocksford
TheKebbit - Jotun
unwoundpath - Klish Fogheart
caekdaemon - Bob Jones

Waiting List

1: Ociamarru - Anton Polvinktin
2: Lucem - RL-7
3: Fail Flail - Grif Mason
4: nicolasx - Alex Stara

Honorable Mentions
1: Nonsequitorian - Ulysses Green (TOD: April 22, 2012, 12:39 PM EST; COD: Cardiac arrest.)

Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:06 am
Data Realms SUPER Elite
Data Realms SUPER Elite

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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere
Name: Ulysses Green
Appearance: Tall, six foot, dark and handsome. This was before he started to age. Sleek black hair. Dark eyes too.
Primary Weapon: Tesla Rifle [1/24] (A highpowered plasmatic beamafier of lightningishical substances. Like a lightning gun.)
Secondary Weapon: Hg PG-9T10 Plasma Pistol [4/40] (A flaming blot of burning, searing, excruciating hot Mercury alloy plasma is fired at high speeds)
Tertiary Weapon: Concealed Stiletto (IT'S A KNIFE HARHARHARHA)
Inventory: Pipe and Tobacco Pouch and Lighter of infinite uses
Passive Abilities
Offensive [1 starter]: Concentration [Can concentrate, lowering heart beat and making the world pass seemingly slower. This adds a +1 to melee or CQC combat]
Defensive [1 starter]: Meditation [Can meditate, lowering heat beat and slowing bleeding and metabolism. Gives a +1 to not keeping healthy when hurt or damaged.]
Non-Combat [1 starter]: Bargain [High social skills. +1 to persuading.]
Techniques ELECTRICAL AFFINITY [Electrics are make sense to Ulysses. He is was electrical engineer aboard ship was. make sense do. Can use and bend and control electricity when it is right next to palms of hands. No shooting, just like draining batteries when things are held, or causing overloads in simple systems.]

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Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:08 am
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere

Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:09 am
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere
Name: "Jotun" (AMEC Corporate Security Frame, Designation 3-5-Maintenance)
Description: This droid seems to be a mere expendable company grunt, but then you look into the visual communication screen that serves as its face. Garbled reams of data flow into infinity, and any attempt to contact with it electronically is distorted beyond recognition. It speaks with a chorus of flat synthetic voices, each slightly different than the last.
Primary Weapon: Mass Vector Ordnance Projector (3/12 Iron-Uranium Slugs)
Secondary Weapon: TACG48 Micro Assault Weapon (40/160 Flechettes)
Tertiary Weapon: Thirteen-Inch Serrated "Fang" Combat Blade
Inventory: Limited Use Nanite Repair Pouch (3/3)
Passive Abilities
Offensive: Computerized Targeting (+1 to aiming at specific enemy vulnerabilities)
Defensive: Feel No Pain (+1 to mitigating the effects of body damage)
Noncombat: Voice Of The Legion (+1 to hacking computer systems)
Hunker Down (Ether, Self)

the MVOP is a handheld cannon and the TACG48 pewpewpews people

Hunker Down massively slows Jotun, but puts up heavy defensive shields and interlocks its armor

EDIT: wopps forgot inventory

Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:34 am
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere

Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:36 am
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere
YES! I'm here early enough to participate in a RTD!

Name: Klish Fogheart
Appearance: 5 foot 9, An alien species that looks kinda like a lizard as a human, green eyes, green/brown scales, a slash across the cheek.
Primary Weapon: scaler rifle: shoot tiny shards of scale-like material (automatic with semi auto mode) at high speeds, can penetrate some/most materials. [40/120]
Secondary Weapon: scaler pistol: same as above but in a more compact form that shoots at slower velocity, but is more accurate. [10/50]
Tertiary Weapon: Claws: pretty self explanatory.
Inventory: Flashlight, a grenade.
Passive Abilities
Offensive: claws (more melee damage)
Defensive: tough scales (+1 to defense vs physical attacks)
Non-Combat: Regeneration (heals slightly faster)
poison spray (air, AOE) It sprays a cloud of poison in the vicinity of the character, stunning some that inhale it, some may be immune.

Hey, can you post the characters of the 5 B people? Or do they have yet to make them?

Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:11 pm
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere

Name: Michael Rocksford
Appearance: 5'9",
Backstory: Michael, or more commonly just "Mike", was born and raised in the slums of old earth. Digging through the scrapyards has taught him some valuable lessons about live wires and sharp edges. Not really good at the whole "Planning ahead" deal.

Primary Weapon: [5|20] "Jackson", A heavily modified semi-auto rifle, decedent of the twentieth century M14. It has a significantly shorter barrel and a forward mounted grip and heavy metal plating, enhancing it's durability for close combat, as well as several gruesome looking blades. It's been re-chambered for the heavier rounds usually found in precision rifles. Only carries a few spare mags.
Secondary Weapon: [8/8] Modified I-2, An older variant of the current standard issue ISC sidearm, it fires the same low velocity ammunition of the new handguns. Fitted with a lighter polymer slide and a shaved down grip, it sacrifices balance and accuracy to make it one of the lightest weapons produced. Only carries a single spare mag.
Tertiary Weapon: "Jackson", but in a slightly more smash-y way, making extensive use of the sharp spiky bits on the front.

-Belt (And by belt I mean an old seatbelt. Fits snugly.)
-- Sidearm (Just sorta shoved in there)
-- [1] Spare mag for main weapon
-- [1] Spare mag for sidearm
-Backpack (Closed with zippers 'n ♥♥♥♥, so fairly inaccessible. Quite durable, and fireproof)
-- Toolbox (various low-tech tools, wrenches, screwdrivers, wire-cutters etc)
-- Flashlight (w/spare batteries)
-- [5] Rations
-- Combat knife (Laying in the bottom)
-- [3] Spare mags for main weapon

Packing "Light". Or at least trying to.

Offensive: Improvise (+1 to using improvised weapons)
Defensive: Improvise (+1 to melee combat with improvised weapons)
Non-Combat: Improvise (+1 to creating improvised weapons)
Technique: Surge (Lightning, Single target, self) Improves muscle reaction and strength in the legs to vastly increase running speed and stamina

(OSHITWAITWHAT When did you add tertiary weapons. o_o)
unwoundpath wrote:
Or do they have yet to make them?

Naw they're made already, we played a few rounds with 'em before it sorta fizzled out.

Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:49 pm
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Data Realms Elite
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere
Name: Bob Jones
Appearance: Hey look a image.
Primary Weapon: Terracon Industries - SMG - 165b [60|180]
Secondary Weapon: Terracon Industries - PL - 24A [7|35]
Tertiary Weapon: Combat knife.
Inventory: Large medical backpack.
Passive Abilities
Offensive: Anatomy (+1 to targeting human anatomy.)
Defensive: Medical shield (The player is harder to hit while tending to wounded players, including moving them.)
Non-Combat: Trained medic (+1 to tending to injured people.)
Healing touch (Life, Single : By giving some of his life force, Bob can heal others but weaken himself in exchange. This causes Bob to be temporarily weakened in the form of feeling tired or exhausted, but heals the target, depending on how long it was for, and how much of himself Bob put into the healing. )

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Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:50 pm
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere
Name: Anton Polvinktin
Description: Tall, 6'4" slender human with gaunt Slavic face, grey eyes and matted brown hair. Acts as host for parasitic organism capable of extensive mutation. Parasite has no external manifestations other than certain mutations in use.

Primary Weapon: Tesla EMCG Gauss SMG [60|240]
(Low caliber, high rate of fire, high muzzle velocity/penetration, suppressed sound)
Secondary Weapon: P14 Silent Pistol [8|32]
(Low penetration, no sound, subsonic rounds, neutralizing darts)
Tertiary Weapon: Parasitic mutations
Inventory: Cigarette case, lighter

Passive Abilities
Offensive: Symbiotic muscle interweave
(Superhuman strength - melee blows have more force, can lift/move heavier objects, jump higher, etc.)
Defensive: Cellular reconstruction
(Capable of regenerating injuries incredibly quickly)
Non-Combat: Overclocked nerve cells
(Improved reaction time/dexterity and speed)

Electronics Overload (Electric, Single Target): Directed EMP capable of frying electronics without protection; less effective on spacecraft which are frequently shielded.

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Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:14 pm
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere
Name: RL-7
Appearance: A cyborg, 6' tall, with a mechanically augmented limbs, senses, and a reinforced chest.
Primary Weapon: Heavy Shotgun [6|50] (Dual magazine tubes, enabling him to switch between either armor-piercing sabots or exploding buckshot)
Secondary Weapon: PL-985 Plasma Pistol [10|45]
Tertiary Weapon:
Inventory: First Aid Kit/Repair Kit
Passive Abilities
Offensive: Guardian (+1 to defending others through attacks)
Defensive: Medic (+1 to healing others)
Non-Combat: Augmented Limbs (+1 to maneuvering)
Tactical Cloak (Ether, Self)

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Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:37 pm
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere
Sci-fi? More like Sci-gn me up-fi.

Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:31 am
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere
Rag, can we see our character sheets? I can't get onto DuhF for some reason.

Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:09 am
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere
>Data transmission approved
>Beginning file transfer
>(O---------) 10%
>While you wait, take a look at some of these great offers from our server sponsors!

"For ♥♥♥♥'s sake..."

>(OO--------) 20%

>"Tired of being shot up? Try the new advanced Anti-Projectile Heavy Armor System from ShellCorp! Guaranteed to stop rounds as big as 110mm in their tracks!*"
>*Note: The accuracy of this guarantee is in no way a legal obligation of ShellCorp. ShellCorp is not responsible for user injury or death due to product failure.*

>(OOOO------) 40%

"C'mon, I don't have all day."

>(OOOO------) 39%


>"Does your conventional firearm feel like a popgun? Upgrade to a Visari magnetic acceleration weapon today! Punch through almost anything with the strength of MAGNETS!"
>(OOOOOO----) 69%
>"The Interstellar Coalition is currently offering non-combat employment positions to any interested citizen, including-"

"I don't even care. Hurry up."

>File transfer completed
>Opening file...

Vessel: ISC Heavy Cruiser Durandal
Personnel: XX42 - XX46
Designation: β
Note: Information is possibly outdated and subject to change

XX42 - "Tomaster"

XX43 - "TorrentHKU"

XX44 - "Amazigh"

XX45 - "DSMK2"

XX46 - "alphagamer774"

Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:18 am
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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere
"...and so, as far as we currently know, ether is a quirky form of matter- or perhaps by its very nature we could call it immaterial- that responds to consciousness. The almost miraculous materialization and manipulation of ethereal substances seems to violate several basic scientific laws, such as the law of conservation of matter and the law of conservation of energy."

The professor's voice swept across the packed lecture hall as students either recorded it or typed paraphrased notes.

"The exact origin of ether remains unclear, and it's also unclear whether ether is materialized from an extrauniversal source, taken from something akin to white holes, or simply the product of converted matter. Some have even theorized that the products of ether are actually created through the process of being physically materialized, which would of course be another property contradictory to conservation of matter. This obviously raises several extraordinary implications about existence as we know it- for instance, if sentient beings are capable of actually creating matter from nothingness, then issues such as energy crises, heat death, and so on and so forth could become negligible."

"Over time, regular users of ethereal powers are predicted to gain an increasing mastery and precision over their abilities. Perhaps at some point in the future, these users could become so precise that they would be able to form complex compounds on the molecular level. For now, even highly skilled users of ether seem to only be able to manifest ethereal substances as basic, and sometimes volatile, forms of matter. Many of you have likely seen skilled users of ether conjure up flames, ice balls, and so on. Some have of compared these abilities to forms of 'magic' from fantasy tales, which may not be an entirely inaccurate way of describing them. Various military groups have already begun training their soldiers on how to use ethereal abilities in combat as a supplement to traditional weapons and tactics."

"Ether is really quite extraordinary in how it responds to human consciousness, not just through its materialization, but also in how the creator of an ethereal substance seems to be the only one who can fully control it. It's still not entirely certain how ether users control what they materialize; much of the phenomenon is a mystery. Some would advocate avoiding the usage of ether until more is known about it, as its use could have unforeseen consequences. Others would advocate everyone learning how to effectively materialize and control ethereal substances- who knows what the universe could come up with if everyone toyed around with ether? Curiously enough, one thing that is certain about ether is that it is not unique to humans, or even biological organisms. Sentient robots and AI are capable of using ethereal abilities as well. In fact, the current universal standard for testing AI sentience is their ability to use ether, replacing the now outdated Turing test."

"To finish for today, we'll consider one of the largest implications of the existence of ether: If living beings and sentient machines can use ether to create substances, then does this potentially explain the origin of the universe? Not a big bang with the very lucky result of a thoroughly populated universe, but rather, a creator or race of creators using ether as the tool of creation? Perhaps it's now clearer why this phenomenon has caused such a big stir since its discovery two decades ago. A more thorough understanding of ether would likely change almost everything we know about our world."

"Class dismissed! Read chapter 19 for next class and complete the assignment for section "A." We'll be having a quiz one week from now, so make sure to prepare and study..."

Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:40 pm
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Data Realms SUPER Elite

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Post Re: Roll To Dodge: Ethersphere
Wait what now?

Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:58 pm
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