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Let's vote in Stardrive 2!
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Author:  CrazyMLC [ Thu Jul 23, 2015 11:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Let's vote in Stardrive 2!


It turns out "Neo Bearistan" is one character too long to be a planet name - now our planet is a starbucks barista.

We're also producing a new cheap scout (one without extra fuel like our starting frigate, and will build very quickly)

The ships have also been assigned destinations to scout.


There remains one question to answer, which research project do we go after? With our selection limited to a research philosophy project, here's a rundown on the three options we have to choose from. (We can't change our minds after we finish researching, we wont' be able to get the other projects)

Research Lab (Building)
These dedicated Research facilities have state of the art laboratory equipment. The sensing and computing equipment alone provides a flat research bonus as it scans and understands its environment. When staffed with Scientists, they are more efficient, gaining +1 bonus to Research per Scientist assigned.
(+1 Research Per Scientist; +5 flat Research)
This option is best if we don't plan to have scientists on our colonies.

Imperial University (Building)
The Imperial University is a center of knowledge and learning, built on the belief that centralized research efforts are superior to the distributed efforts. Provides +3 Research Per Scientist at the colony.
(+3 Research per Scientist)
This option is best if we plan to have lots of scientists. It's better than the research lab if we plan on having more than 2 citizens on science, but it's worse if we'd rather have one or fewer scientist on our planets.

Astrometrics Lab (Ship Module)
The Astrometrics Lab is a cutting edge suite of computers, sensors, and scientists needed for the study of stellar phenomenon. Ships equipped with these labs contribute to the advancement of imperial knowledge with +5 Research Per Turn. The scanners installed in this module provide two further benefits. First, the equipped ship will gain +30 sensor range on the strategy map (Max 100 range). Second, the onboard sensors allow the ship to act 2 levels higher for the purposes of accuracy calculations.
(+5 Research Per Turn Per Module, +30 Sensor range Tactical Effects: +2 levels effective accuracy)
This tech is ridiculous for rushing research points, we could fit 4 onto a ship and easily get 20 research a turn from each one we build, but it uses up Command Points to do so.

Which one do you want to research?

Author:  caekdaemon [ Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Let's vote in Stardrive 2!

We don't have any big population modifiers behind our fast population growth - which means we're great at absorbing losses but not so much at expanding our population count to huge numbers and getting hordes of scientists and so on - meaning the university is less useful than the planet labs and the ship labs...and the latter is more powerful than either because of its accuracy and sensor bonuses, which could come in handy later on for the construction of supporting warships.

Dib's on the next planet name :p

Author:  Amazigh [ Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Let's vote in Stardrive 2!

Astrometrics Lab seems the most fun imo.

Author:  CrazyMLC [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Let's vote in Stardrive 2!

Astrometric Labs it is!


Now that we've made our decisions, let's see how they play out.

[two turns later]


Our fleets have arrived at Joramy and Drields!
A mysterious reading has also been caught on one of our ship's sensors, it could be anything, really.

Here are the reports on the two scouted systems:

Joramy only has one habitable planet, Joramy 1.


It has an acidic atmosphere that increases the maintenance cost of all buildings by 50%, and slows population growth by 50% because we can't kiss and have kinky sex in the rain, meaning we make fewer babies. Oh, and people also die from it. I guess that would slow population growth too. Probably more that last one. Definitely.

Oh my. Well, here's a report from the exploration frigate on the rimward red star, Drields.

Drields only has one habitable piece of rock, Drields 2. Drields 1 is a massive gas giant that insulted our mother. We shouldn't give it the time of day. Also it's gassy, nobody likes to be around gassy people or things.


It's a pretty lame planet all things considered - But there is diamondite, which we can use to help us increase the strength of our ship's hulls automatically. Just plugs right into our current production line. Sprinkle it onto the hull. Works wonders.

Still, it seems like a worse option when compared to that one planet we decided to ignore earlier in our home system. We might not expand our influence by taking it, but maybe it'd contribute the most? Something to consider.

The exploration frigate might be right, or maybe we can figure something else out. Just to make things more clear, here's the lowdown on that planet he mentioned.


Do we want to redirect our ships to scout different systems, or leave them there? For example, the colony ship could go explore the coreward yellow star, but if some kind of space monster or pirate intercepted it, it'd be done for. The exploration frigate could also check out that anomaly, but it could be a waste of time. We might just want to send it to the nearby blue star, or somewhere else entirely, or just escort the colony ship.

Our new scout will also be done next turn. We should figure out where we want to send it, it could help us scout out all the locations we need.

And do we want to colonize any of the currently available planets?

Author:  caekdaemon [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Let's vote in Stardrive 2!

Let's grab the tundra world for the time being, but queue construction of another colony ship for Drields, we could do with that diamondite.

Send a scout to the anomaly, and the other to the coreward yellow.

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