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Fhealltoir Take:2
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Author:  Amazigh [ Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Fhealltoir Take:2


Welcome Fhealltoirs.
The Operations Area for this Contract is the surface facilities of Aonair Nua located on Uasal Amháin.
Actions of the Current leadership have placed it in violation of UAT policies.
Your Contingent is tasked with crippling orbital gun coverage in preparation for an assault by UAT forces.
Your Payout will be awarded upon successful extraction.
Do you Accept?


Primary Objectives:
1: Deploy your Packages onto the Geofront Freight Elevators
2: Disable all encountered anti-orbital weaponry
3: Destroy Northern Orbital gun Control-Hub

Additional details:
The Trust thank you for accepting the contract and passing all background checks.
A number of contractors failed on Trust personality metrics or were otherwise deemed expendable assets, They were sent in as a first wave to soften up the defenders, their success or survival was not expected.
You have been deemed of greater tactical and/or strategic value, and have been outfitted with superior equipment and have been deployed to engage after their expiry and take advantage of the disruption they will have caused.
You will each have a "Package" mounted onto your vehicle, this is to be detached and deployed on the Geofront Freight Elevators.
Your deployment will be in a militarized trainyard, resistance is expected to be heavy over your route, but remember that with our control of District Gates pursuit will not be an issue, so while wiping out all defenders is appreciated, it is not necessary.
You are Contingent Four, After clearing your Objectives meet with Three at the Spaceport for Extraction.
You will be provided with a custom vehicle for the purposes of this operation, see attached form below for further details.

Vehicle Creation

Rules/Mechanics and further Information:

Author:  TorrentHKU [ Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

Color: Royal Blue
Callsign: Thunder

Tank (70)

Combustion Turbine - 7 (63)
Generator - 6 (57)
Capacitor - 5 (52)
Smartplate - 2 (50)
Hardshield Generator - 14 (36) + 1.4 leftover
Sensors - 5 (31)

Smoke Discharger - 2 (29)
- 10 ammo - 1 (28)
AP Pulse Laser - Free

180mm Railgun - 18 (10)
-- Stabilization & Turret - 3.6 (6.4)
-- 5 points of ammo - 5 (1.4)
--- 10 Penetrator
--- 20 Frangible
--- 16 Cluster

Improved Sensor Relay [Your sensors provide double the indirect fire spotting to hit bonus for allies, provides allies the blackbox to-hit bonus on any enemy you have visual on even if not in the same tile]
Spotter Drone [Provides vision in all tiles in a 9x9 grid centered on you. Allies using indirect fire on targets spotted by this do not recieve any bonus from your sensors]

Author:  CrazyMLC [ Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

Callsign: Crispr
Recruit #: 199507

Subject Name: N/A

Classification: Asset

Description: Subject is 188cm tall and weighs approximately 66kg. While it passed the physical, it was classified by our physician as "underweight". Subject has dark features, including its hair, skin, iris, and sclera.

Background: Subject was received from the science division on [DATA UNAVAILABLE]. No information was given about the subject's origin or capabilities. In our testing, Subject had remarkably high scores in reflexes, loyalty, and persistence, but appeared to have limited communication ability; subject only responds to direct polar questions. Psychiatric exams were difficult to perform for this reason, but brain scans showed heightened dopamine response to the sight of blood and to each sample of our vast collection of civilian screams of panic and agony. The lack of proper communication makes it unsuitable for leadership roles, but it could serve as a pilot.

Notes: After subject's testing, flakes were found around the mock cockpit that matched a certain subsection of solanum tuberosum. Taking food into the testing area is in direct violation of UAT policy. Supervision of the subject is advised to confirm and prevent future smuggling.

Tank.....................70 points

Quirks...................70 points
Low Profile
Slat Armour

APS......................68 (-2) points
Discharger (1) (fire if 5 or more)
Kinetic Turret (1) (fire if over 50mm)

Frame....................39 (-29) points
Turbine (6)
Smartplate (20)
Sensor (2)

Weapons..................0 (-39) points
Co-axial "Dorn Lasair" Incendiary Cannon (16)
   69 shots (1.45)
   Stabilization (1.4)
Co-axial "Ag Caoineadh Iarainn" (50mm Chemical Projector) (10)
   420 ammo (2.2)
FAE Rocket Pod (Light)
   Stabilization (0.4)
Turreted AP Flamethrower (x10) (2.25)
   offering to the gods to have my flamethrower be something awesome (2.3)

Author:  TheKebbit [ Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

Charles Stechkin, "Kettlehead"
query STATUS?
- Why did he get Lieutenant Armstrong? -
- Charlie caught the man in the act, sir, he just stopped thinking, you know, you get the red fog, and the stimulants, sir, they kept him up for weeks, he was frothing... -
- Get to the point. -
- Well, sir, Charlie beat Armstrong till he shat blood, then went to work with the edge of his helmet, and then his multi-tool, and I can't say we were all too sad about it. And if you had been there, maybe you would have felt it too. -

Vehicle Class: Agrav (70)

Combustion Turbine [10]
Generator [0]
Capacitor [0]
Smartplate [4]
Hardshield Generator [6]
Sensors [5]
Laser Turret Array APS (Quad) [4] <FIRE ALL IF OVER 50mm, PRIORITIZING LARGEST>

70mm SABRE Chaingun [28 weapon + 5.6 modifications + 4 ammunition]
- 252 APHE Rounds
- 100 HEAT Rounds
- 52 SKEP Rounds
Quad AP Electrolasers [1]
50mm "Backstop" Missile Launcher [2+0.4]
- 64 FAE Missiles

Ultra Heavy
Jump Jets

Author:  Eigla [ Tue Oct 08, 2019 1:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

Callsign: Baroque
Color: Yellow

Vehicle: Tank

8mm Machinegun (Coaxial) (free)

Autocannon (150mm) (30 points)
HE Ammo (default) (8 points)
APHE Ammo (2 points)
Stabilization (3 points)
Sensors (5 points)

Combustion Turbine x7 (7 points)
Smartplate (12 points)

Smoke Discharger (2 points)
Smoke Ammo (1 points)

Sensor Scrambler
Wedge Hull

Author:  DSMK2 [ Wed Oct 09, 2019 2:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

Tank: 70

// Stats //////////////////
CmT: 9 -------- Mob: 9
Gen: 9 -------- Eng: 36
Cap: 1 -------- Eng: 30
SmP: 10 ------- Thk: 100 Dur: 1000
HdG: 5 -------- Thk: 50 Dur: 30
Sen: 4 -------- Acc: +40%
Total: 37

// Weapons //////////////////
Laser APS:  2
Plasgun:   30 -------- 60/180/180 [Coaxial]
AP Laser:  0 --------- [Turreted]
Total: 33

- Wedge Hull
- Laminated Armour

Author:  maart3n [ Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

Reserve to make cave happy

Author:  Areku [ Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

Color: Frog
Callsign: Frog

Walker (60)

Combustion Turbine - 20(40)
Generator - 0
Capacitor - 0
Smartplate - 30 (10)
Hardshield Generator - 1 (9)
Sensors - 0

Smoke Discharger - 2 (7)
- 50 ammo - 5 (2)
2x Laser Turret APS - 2 (0)

-wots a wepon

-Sensor Scrambler
-Stompy Leg Pistons

Author:  maart3n [ Thu Oct 10, 2019 3:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

Color: Noise Marine Pink
Callsign: Shockwave

Walker (60)

Combustion Turbine - 6 (54)
Generator - 10 (44)
Capacitator - 1 (43)
Smartplate - 4 (39)
Hardshield Generator - 14 (25)

Discharger APS - 3 (22)
-- 18 ammo

Anthill micro missile pod - 2 AP points (20)
"Marú Anála" Sonic Pulse Array (0)

Shield Condenser
Low Profile

Author:  Amazigh [ Sun Oct 13, 2019 5:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

Weapon Heat
Each point reduces accuracy by 1%, decays at a rate equal to the cost of the weapon. Decay rate is doubled if the weapon didn't fire in the turn.

[---- ---- ----]

Your screens ping a notification, looks like the poor sods from the first wave are done for.
With a few seconds of flicking switches and checking dials brings your vehicles spring to life, and with a groan of opening hatches you pull out of the armored train compartments you've been stewing in.
Well, here's hoping for a smooth contract.

Orbital scans of this district show there to be stacks of shipping containers, mainly to the west, a large fuel storage tank to the north, military garrisons to the south east and north west, the northwestern one housing an Anti-Orbital gun.
Objectives in this district:
- Destroy Anti-Orbital Weapons Emplacement.
- Leave District through Eastern Exit. [Pre-requisite Incomplete]

HKU - Thunder

Driving out of the carriage and watching your spotter drone fly up you grin as you eye over your Railguns status display. Trust really gave you someting nice there, shame about the overheating issues. The additional functionality to your spotter drone seems, useful, but nowhere near as exciting as your railgiun promises to be.

Rail Overcharge
- +1% penetration/damage per additional point of EN spent on a shot, minimum extra EN spend 20. Generates 1 point "weapon heat" for each point of energy used to overcharge. If used with Penetrator/Frangible Ammo can shoot through structures, at cost of damage/penetration for each structure shot through.
- Weak Structures reduce penetration/damage by 10% of base, normal structures by 20% of base, and reinforced structures by 40% of base, Hardened structures cannot be pierced. Frangible Ammo takes 1.5x the reduction.
Counter Battery Sensors
- Reveals the location of enemies using indirect fire aimed at any location within your Spotter Drones sight.
- You may attempt to fire at them with your Rail Overcharge, at a -20% to-hit penalty.

CrazyMLC - Crispr
Driving out of the carriage you grin as you take stock, Fire to burn, Gas to Choke, and Electicity to tie them down, Good. Then for a moment you think back to the manual your handler gave you, one line in the brief for the Dorn Lasair did stand out: "User note: Deora and its byproducts react inimicably to the compound used in Dorn Lasair munitions, take care in their usage." Hmm... Better find some targets to try that out on.

"Dorn Lasair"
- Shots deal [75pen 120damage] but then hits the entire tile with a 60 Flame explosion.
- Afterwards for 2 turns the Tile is engulfed in flames that deal 20 Flame damage at the start of a turn, end of a turn, or when someone enters the tile.
- If a vehicle in a burning tile suffers a penetrating hit, then it takes an additional 20 internal damage.
- Flame damage works as follows:
-- To shields: dealt at 50% of value as damage to durability.
-- To Armour: dealt as Thermal Damage.
-- To Internals/Structures: dealt as raw damage.
- To-hit penalty for moving targets starts at 2 tiles moved, rather than 6.
- If you miss the direct impact is lost, but the Flame explosion and Burning effect on the tile scatters as per a Tile-targetting indirect weapon, but can also potentially hit the tile it was fired at.

Dedicated Heatsinks
- Doubled armour heat decay rate.
Chemical resistant plating
- Reduces armour damage taken from chemical weaponry by 40%, grants immunity to Corrosion Procs.
Prototype Reactive Smartplate
- Non-penetrating hits from non-energy weapons deal 20% less damage to armour durability.
EMP Emitter
- Fires a projectile that causes a stun to anything it hits, if the target has a sheild up it also deals 100 damage and a forced crack, 3 turn cooldown.

TheKebbit - Kettlehead

You lift off, check turret tracking and fly out of the container. No space for a Helo here with the Triple-A net the locals have, but at least the Trust managed to get you the gun off of your old ride. Their engineers seem to have modded this AGrav to make it feel something approaching a Helo at with those Glider Turbines, and the ECM Blisters remind you of your old EWAR suite, perfect to pin down some ground pounders.

Glider Turbines
- Can maintain "high" altitude for 2 turns after jumping "up" with jets, all movement costs are increased by 1 when "high", enemies take a -20% penalty to hit you, you can see and move over low structures, get +10% to hit, and ignore armour facing multipliers. Have to be grounded for at least one turn after use before it can be used again.
ECM Blisters
- Grants Passive mode benefits constantly, until you activate Active mode, wherein the system instead focuses on debuffing one target.
- Passive mode gives Enemy missiles and indirect fire a -20% to hit penalty on you or any allies within 1 tile range. Active mode instead targets a single enemy within line of sight, gives them a -20% to-hit penalty and makes them re-roll all successful hits.

CaveCricket48 - Baroque

Rolling out of the Container you give the specs the Trust engineers gave you a last check, they claim that your Glacis has been "Specially hardened and angled so that most incoming fire will be deflected." but you'll have to wait and see on that one. The Drones they foisted on you though... might be useful, if they survive more than five minutes that is.

Sloped Glacis
- APHE/SKEP/Penetrator/Frangible/Cluster rounds have a chance to be deflected by your frontal armour, depending on penetration rate: 50pen,100thick - 50%, 10pen,100thick - 90%
Support Drones
- Carries docking racks for Trust Drones, When docked the Powersuit can fire weapons to your left and rear arcs, and the PA can fire to your right and rear arcs.
- Drone Shields take 50% damage from AP weapons, have no natural recharge, but recharge after being docked with base vehicle for 1 turn.
- Drones take no stability penalties when dismounted, but take them as normal when Docked.


Driving off the train you appreciate the work of the Trust in tweaking your Plasgun, an engineer said to you "It compresses the plasma bolt to make it better at punching through armour, real tank killer, Shame we couldn't sort out the heat issues." The description you were given for your Reaction turn system has to have been written by some Office jockey though. "Diverts energy from the Primary Weapons system into high-impulse plasma thrusters to allow for rapid re-orientation in high-pressure combat situations."

Plasma Compressor
- Can use extra energy to compress the plasma bolt, gains +3 penetration per point EN spent, Generates 1 point "weapon heat" for each point of energy used to compress.
Reaction Turn
- Can be used in place of reaction fire as long as at least 1 mobility is unused. Will turn to face any enemies that appear to the side/rear at a cost of 20/30 energy, and will then fire the plasgun at them with the power of a 20MW/10MW weapon if energy permits.

maart3n - Shockwave

You step out of the train, and you're still taken aback by the weapon the trust gave you, what one tech had to say about it says it all really.
"The Marú Anála Sonic Pulse Array, based on a heavy demolition system, but we've bumped up the power inputs and added redundant emitters to give it a real punch."
You know sonic weapons aren't illegal as such, but with how they can be this indiscriminate with collateral, you can see some changes in the laws coming, and fast. The Marú Anála helping to stabilise shield projection when fired seems very useful, the Capacitor Bypass should help keep your shields up, just a shame the system cut into shield durability a little.

"Marú Anála"
- Deals [40pen 100damage] to all targets in the tile in front of you, and the two tiles diagonally in front of you.
- Each 10 energy spent to boost the attack, increases penetration/damage by 10/40.
- Every 20 additional energy spent causes the attack to hit the next "row" of tiles past the 3 already hit, but each "row" of tiles will take 70% of the penetration/damage of the previous one.
- For this weapon structure damage resistances are rather than the normal flat value, instead a 25%/50% reduction to total damage for Reinforced/Hardened structures.

Harmonic Shielding
- Firing the Marú Anála increases shield thickness by 1% for each point of energy spent on the shot for the rest of the turn.
Resonation Focus
- Alternate Marú Anála fire mode: same energy cost but instead targets a single tile and has double the penetration and half the damage of what a normal usage would have.
Capacitor Bypass
- Doubled Regen from Capacitor Recharge, slight reduction to shield durability.

Areku - Frog

Striding out of the container you smirk at all these cowards with their guns, a real man just needs his fists and feet, The militarized armature the Trust gave you should suffice as a fist, and with a walker, your feet are always ready for action to grind your foes into the dirt.

Vampire Contacts
- 25% of stomp/armature damage to shields is leeched as shield durability, if shield is offline/resetting then armature attacks still leech shield durability, and if it brings it to 100% then shield instantly comes back online.
Modified Utility Armature
- As well as stomping, you may carry out an additional 150p/100d melee attack against any target. This attack gains +20% Penetration/Damage per point of mobility spent on it, to a maximum of 5, and ignores all structure damage resistances.

Author:  Eigla [ Sun Oct 13, 2019 5:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

> Turn East, Move 1, Turn North

Move 4 spaces North, but immediately stop moving when I see an enemy and open fire (Reaction Fire, 4 shots) on it. Do not resume moving if an enemy spotted.

Author:  CrazyMLC [ Sun Oct 13, 2019 6:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

> NNNN. Reaction flamethrower any enemies I see. Prioritize infantry, spreading shots between tiles if necessary. If no enemies are visible, begin burning the train engines.

Author:  TorrentHKU [ Sun Oct 13, 2019 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

"Hey Frog, can I get an escort over to the southwest corner? I can probably pop that gun from there."
> 2S, Turn W, 3W, Turn N.

Author:  maart3n [ Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

>Move 4N, hunker down, setup Anthill to fire at the first 9 targets to come within range.

Author:  DSMK2 [ Sun Oct 13, 2019 10:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fhealltoir Take:2

> 1S tW 3W tN
Reaction fire plasgun on enemy vehicles

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