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 Beam physics experiments 
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Post Beam physics experiments
Hi guys

Quick intro: New on the forum, learning to mod CC for a week now or so... In the past I did a lot of Liero weapon editing. Also some spriting experience.

I've been fiddling around with beam physics I saw in the Amrobotics' Death Ray.

I've managed to get some great effects you will hopefully be able to experience on your own in a few days when I'll get proper ini file done from scratch, rather than ripping the source.

For how it evolved and the most recent look, see images below. Lowest are most recent, last is a completed sprite. No shooting animation yet. I also made some experiments on the ray animations. One of the recent versions of the beam gun proved to have very high obstacle penetration rate, but acted more like a railgun... I'm gonna make it into a different weapon sometime.

There are some issues I encountered while working on the gun:
The gun uses the same principle as the death ray, so it shoots a TDExplosive projectile at speed of 200. Upon detonation, it explodes into short-lasting particles, projected at an angle to the hit element. This looks pretty cool, like a discharge you see in electrical metal fusing. Now, the problems are:

1. Since the TDExplosive is sprited, when you move the gun up and down, the projectiles become visible around the wake of the laser (not covered by the beam sprite).

2. If you try to increase speed of the particle beyond 200 to make it flow in the wake of the laser, the spread of the detonation particles becomes very narrow, which looks strange. I was wondering, could I fix it by changing the joint strenght/stiffness somehow? Cause the spread values of the TDExplosive detonation get OVERRR NINE THOUSAAAAND and the particle speeds get like -0.000001 not to slice the map into pieces with one shot...

3. Don't know much about projectile bounciness, but when I set mass of the beam particle to something like 0.01 to reduce kickback (considerable with such rate of fire), it seems I have to increase sharpness for the projectile not to bounce off walls, thereby increasing damage to some crazy value. Do not want.

4. The beam sprite goes across the map, regardless of where the projectile is detonated. Looks good, pretty cool for aiming... but we shouldn't talk ourselves into being comfortable with what we've got now just because it's easier, should we? :)

So, I was thinking something like this:
a. Make the beam a MOSRotating particle
b. Make the weapon shoot a sequence of different projectiles, each with a different sprite set
c. Upon detonation of the MOSRotating, spawn a TDExplosive with a sub-zero speed that instantly explodes, OR, if it's possible, make the MOSParticle generate particles on detonation.

So, what I'm asking is: does the code allow such scripting like in those 3 points?

now, the juice. Gun itself is xbox hueg, but it's pretty detailed, and the beam gibs people really nicely. Skeletons tend to explode into neat circles, especially if shot when falling from a height. It digs ground pretty nicely, it leaves MetalBullet on detonation which deflects itself, preventing it from excessive map demolition.

Tons of Respect to Amrobotics for Coding Stuff with Cool Physics :bow:

Any chance we'll get the ability to make alpha channels on separate grayscale sprites? :twisted:

Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:54 pm
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Post Re: Beam physics experiments
That gun is HUGE!

But.. Its probably the best beam weapon anyone's going to get. I can't wait!

Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:05 pm
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Post Re: Beam physics experiments
Me wants!

Going to definately download this when released :o .

Sat Jul 28, 2007 4:55 pm
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Post Re: Beam physics experiments
Good god, just bludgeon people to death with that gun :D.

But really, that's just ... awesome. No other words to describe it. Please finish quickly :).

Sat Jul 28, 2007 8:25 pm
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Post Re: Beam physics experiments
I think that messy particle stream (if that's what it is) is far better than anything you'll get from a pure beam.

As for your options...
a. Would that do anything different?
b. ...It would look nice. =p
c. Try them!

Sat Jul 28, 2007 8:46 pm
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It's nice to see the project has such positive responses...
Just a reminder... the original code is :arrow: Amrobotics', not mine. I just did graphics and some value changes (most of which were supposed to make the gun wieldable and usable by an ordinary footed character, the rest were pushing the power level beyond any safe or sane levels)

It's still called a DeathRay, and replaces the original :P

And I'm gonna finish it as soon as I'll get answers... I could try to code it according to my ideas, but I don't know if the engine allows it. Any crash would left me clueless as for the possible causes (wrong sequence of script? Engine doesn't allow such action? etc.).

I've learned about CC this tuesday, so, err, I'm everything but experienced.

I can post animated gifs if someone's gonna tell me how to record them in the game.

3 solid & Raithah:
It's so long you can push it through walls and shred people from a safe place :lol:

That's a possible weakness against fast melee characters, whose presence we are yet to experience...

Yes, the stream is messy. The way it acts makes me think of razorblades. Yes. Razorblades. Many... many razorblades.

a. this would fix collision mapping of the beam, the beam wouldn't be limited by the sprite lenght... I'm sorry to bring disillusionment, but currently it's just a rapid-fire flak with a very long muzzleflash imitating a ray... :-(
b. Yes, especially mixed with a.
c. Gladly, but I can't allow CC scripting taking over my real life like it did for the past week. I post this thread in hope of saving some time by having more experienced people examine my ideas and suggest stuff :) (please!)

Sat Jul 28, 2007 11:35 pm
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